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Teen Mom Alum Kailyn Lowry Reveals Isaac’s Career Ambition

Teen Mom Alum Kailyn Lowry Reveals Isaac's Career AmbitionTeen Mom fans know that Kailyn had multiple kids with different dads, and Isaac was the firstborn. He arrived in her world in January 2010. Right now, he’s just days away from his 13th birthday. So, he’s not a little kid anymore. Already, he’s thinking about a future career, and some MTV fans think he will be good at it. So, what does he want to do and where did the idea come from? Read on to find out.

Teen Mom Alum Kailyn Lowry Has Mulitple Kids

At the moment, Kail is thought to be dating a guy named Elijah Scott. Often, fans slam her because they suspect there’s no chemistry between them. But, she has contact with the men in her life who fathered her other kids. Javi Marroquin fathered her second child, Lincoln. Meanwhile, Lux who was born in 2017 came from her former boyfriend, Chris Lopez. later, they had Creed, a  real little cutie-pie. At the moment, rumors swirl that Kail might have actually welcomed another baby this year.

Teen Mom fans see that Kailyn doesn’t go wild with gifts for her boys at Christmas. That’s because they celebrate their birthdays. No doubt, Isaac will get a party and gifts this week. Often, she shares about the little kids, because they enjoy a lot of fun times together. Not that things don’t occasionally go wrong.  But this week, she shared a photo of just Isaac and revealed his plans for a career.

Teen Mom Alum Kailyn Shares A Nice Photo Of Isaac

When Kailyn shared the latest photo of Isaac, he sat on a green couch that sits in front of the window. He wore his hair neatly, and it showed off his facial bone structure very well. Actually, he also wore a green sweater, but it was darker than the couch. Naturally, some MTV fans thought that he looked very handsome. One follower opined in the Instagram comments, that he looked like a young Jo. And Kail agreed.

Teen Mom Alum Kailyn Lowry Reveals Isaac Career Ambition
Kailyn Lowry / Instagram

The Teen Mom alum wrote in her caption, “my son should be a model, you can’t tell me otherwise 😂🔋💚 @isaacelliottr.” Actually, she probably tagged him because the handsome young man has many photos on his own Instagram. In fact, he already has 136K followers. One fan said to Kailyn Lowry, “There’s no way he’s this grown now!!? Wow Kale you’re gonna be fighting the ladies off left and right! ❤️.”

Does Isaac Want To Be A Model In His Career?

Teen Mom fans who comment on Kail’s posts often get answers. Actually, folks like that she seldom posts and runs. One follower who commented, said, “Every time he posts i wonder if he would want to model!.” And in her reply, Kail confirmed that he’s really keen to do that.

In her reply, she said, “one of our family friends told him he should and he’s wanted to ever since! We just got headshots done last week!”

What are your thoughts about Isaac wanting a career as a model? Do you agree that he’ll make a really good one? Let us know in the comments below.

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