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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Is Monique Derek’s Sugar Mama?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Is Monique Derek's Sugar Mama?

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that some fans think that Derek is just using Monique for money! That’s right! These fans have a theory that the only reason he is with her is for financial gain. Their love story is a very interesting one and has gotten a lot of attention lately. They two began writing letters to one another in a prison pen pal system.

Over time, they exchanged photos, and then they fell in love. Derek knew that he wanted to make things official when he was released from prison. Monique was very nervous because of her weight. She revealed that she never sent him full-body pictures of herself, but that doesn’t look like it stopped him from falling in love.

Monique Addresses Critics

Of course, there are critics who think that there is no way Derek could love Monique. These critics have started to really bother Monique. She lashed out on social media about it. In fact, she wrote to her followers, “Me and Derek have been together for almost three years already.” She also pointed out that these critics have done nothing but throw hate her way. She told her fans that all of this was unprovoked and she was tired of it.

Many fans of the show told her that if she couldn’t take this hate, she shouldn’t have signed up for the show. Of course, she got a lot of praise for her comments too. There were also fans that hinted at her being Derek’s sugar mama.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Is Monique Derek's Sugar Mama?

Is This a Sugar Mama Situation?

When the show began, we saw Derek getting released from prison, and then Monique took him out to a very nice dinner. This was their first date in Cleveland, Ohio. Derek ordered a very expensive meal with ribs, steak, lobster, and Alaskan crab. The couple had multiple bottles of champagne to add to it. The bill arrived and it was $506! Derek asked Monique if she was paying. Of course, she couldn’t say no. Derek did let his fans know that the production team actually paid for the meal, not Monique.

There have been other moments that have led fans to think Derek is using her for money. Fans have posted on social media comments such as these. “Monique in the car crying after paying a $506 restaurant bill, while Derek taking pics with her while wearing a 30K Cartier watch.” Another added, “She acts more like his sugar mama. He will stay with her until he starts getting his own money.” And one more chimed in, “She knows how she looks, that’s why she acts so insecure, he’s going to be so unhappy if he stays with her.”

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