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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Monique Slams Haters on Social Media

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Monique Slams Haters on Social Media

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that Monique has had it with all of the hate that she is getting on social media these days for her weight. She has been on the show with her boyfriend, Derek. He recently got out of prison and their storyline is playing out on the show now. When they began dating, she was only writing to him as part of a prison pen pal group. She would never send him full-body photos and she was nervous that he wouldn’t love her because of her weight. It looks as if they are still going strong regardless of her weight.

Monique Claps Back

Since she first appeared on the show, Monique has gotten a lot of backlash about her weight. Social media and Derek’s family have been throwing hate her way and she is tired of it. She recently clapped back at the haters in an Instagram post. She wrote, “The fact that I’ve been bullied and ridiculed online HEAVILY the past 4 days UNPROVOKED is crazy to me.

IDK why people are so obsessed with my weight and my relationship with Derek. Y’all get on the internet and be fake caring about mental health and “protecting” Black women and all I see on these blog sites is Black men and women in the comments bullying another Black woman about her weight.”

The Comments She Received

Monique went on, “This show was filmed months ago. Me & Derek have been together for almost three years already! He loves it here. We are living in our truth. Love is love.” Of course, her fans were quick to show her mass amounts of love after this post. One wrote, “Never stop being the beautiful person you are. Don’t let them bring you down!” Another wrote, “Capitalize off it… you got they attention, now get they money!” One more added, “F**k them! You’re absolutely beautiful! Bigger is ALWAYS better! IDGAF what anyone says! Be confident about YOU! Because loving yourself is more meaningful than ANY love you can have towards someone else!”

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Monique Slams Haters on Social Media

More and more of her fans gave her love and one added, “That’s social media TOXIC! I wonder if they pay enough to entertain such… mental health is more important- these reality shows you guys sign up for does more harm than good.” Monique got many comments about how she is a beautiful person and she doesn’t need to worry about herself and what no one else things about her. She seems to be trying her best to push the haters away!

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