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Fox Hopes To Win Big With ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Reboot With Hostess Jennifer Nettles

Fox Hopes To Win Big With 'Farmer Wants A Wife' Reboot With Hostess Jennifer Nettles

The Fox Network is revamping the series Farmer Wants A Wife. The reality series once ran on the CW in 2008 but was canceled due to low viewership. With reality TV still going strong, Fox hopes to put their own spin on the series that they will will grab a strong fanbase.

What To Know About The Fox Reboot

The reboot is set to be hosted by Jennifer Nettles who is best known as the lead vocalist of the country group Sugarland. On the show, six farmers will not only date several women from the city but choose one lucky lady to bring home to their ranch in order to find their future wife. The farmers will choose a partner out of hundreds of potential candidates.

The show has previously seen several versions abroad. The CW series featured just one farmer much like the Bachelor. Now, Fox will introduce several single men and women as they all attempt to trade in their regular lifestyles for something much different then they are used to.

A Younger & Sexier Vibe

As shared by Deadline, Farmer Wants A Wife “has been rebooted in a number of international territories with a slightly younger and sexier vibe. It has played in 32 countries and resulted in 180 marriages.”

Rob Wade, President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials at FOX, believes there is “a sense of nostalgia” behind the series as viewers would love to watch a city woman decide if she wants to trade the bright lights for love on a farm.

Fox Hopes To Win Big With 'Farmer Wants A Wife' Reboot With Hostess Jennifer Nettles

Farmer Wants A Wife Sets Premiere Date

Wade hopes adding the unscripted series to Fox’s line-up will help as well as the show’s focus on city folks who have left for the quiet life.

“It’s middle America but I also feel there’s a lot of people in cities to go back [to the countryside], even people who were never part of it. There’s something synonymous with the homestead farm and American culture,” Wade shared.

The new Fox reality reboot will makes it debut on March 8 at 9 pm EST. The cast has yet to be introduced.

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