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Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Helps Another Daughter With Surgery

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Helps Another Daughter With Surgery

Christine Brown has now helped a second child have surgery with no help from their father. Of course, fans know that Christine single-handedly helped Ysabel Brown when she had surgery to correct scoliosis in her back during Covid. Kody wanted Ysabel to postpone her surgery despite the amount of pain she was in at the time. It has recently been revealed that Christine helped another one of her children through surgery.

Christine Brown Helps Another Daughter With Life-Altering Surgery

Sister Wives spoilers indicate that Christine Brown has helped another child obtain life-changing surgery. Christine is the sole reason that Ysabel got surgery on her back in 2020. If Kody has gotten his way, Ysabel would have waited months before getting the surgery she needed to correct the curve in her spine. Christine argued that her daughter could not wait any longer and accompanied her alone.

Christine single-handedly filled out the necessary paperwork only needing Kody’s signature on the papers right before they left for surgery. Kody tried his best to fight Christine on his but she refused to back down. Christine was not allowing her daughter to suffer anymore. Kody refused to accompany Ysabel to New Jersey for surgery. Now, Gwendlyn Brown needed help and Christine was there.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Gwendlyn Brown’s Breast Reduction Surgery

Gwendlyn Brown recently revealed that she had breast reduction surgery in July 2022. Gwendlyn had revealed the surgery earlier but didn’t give many details. However, this time she chose to prize her mom for paying for the surgery for her. Gwendlyn says she went from a size G cup to a C or smaller. Gwendlyn’s insurance did not cover the procedure so Christine paid for the $8000 surgery.

Gwendlyn said the procedure was medically necessary because of back pain but her insurance turned it down even though they said it was covered. Gwendlyn could not afford it on her own as she said her parents help her with college tuition. However, it seems Kody was MIA once again. Gwendlyn says she will be forever grateful to her mother for her help.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Helps Another Daughter With Surgery

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown To The Rescue

Once again, Christine has been the parent to jump into action and help her child in need. Christine has been the one who has stood by her daughters and made their surgeries happy. Christine has proven that she doesn’t need to wait around on Kody to get what her children need to be done. Christine sees that one of her kids is hurting and her response is to get it fixed whatever it takes.

Christine will stop at nothing to help her children when they are in need. Even when Truely was sick years ago when she was nothing but a toddler, Christine was right by her side. Kody was napping while Christine took care of Truely’s every need. Christine later got hit with a huge bill for Truely’s care but in the end, her daughter survived.

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