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Sister Wives Alum Paedon Brown Opens Up About Robyn’s Kids

Sister Wives Alum Paedon Brown Opens Up About Robyn's KidsSister Wives alum Paedon Brown, the son of Kody and Christine did a Live interview on YouTube with John Yates this week. It took place on YouTube, and he spoke for a long time about many things. But early in his chat, he opened up about Robyn’s kids, Dayton, Aurora, Breanna, Solomon, and Ariella.

Sister Wives – Paedon Brown Opens Up More These Days

Since Christine left Kody, her only son often goes onto TikTok and TLC fans follow him for two reasons. Firstly, they like him as he seems quite funny. Plus, they like it because he occasionally shaded his dad. Back in September last year, he talked about how his dad claims to be the “king” of his home. Plus, he mocked him with Game of Thrones references. While he will comment on what fans have seen, he tends to be careful about telegraphing spoilers ahead of time.

Sister Wives fans have never heard Paedon diss Robyn’s kids. And this time he didn’t, either. Not that he sees much of Solomon and Ariella or the adopted kids, Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. When he was chatting with John Yates, he admitted that sometimes he can’t say certain things. So possibly, fans might see more about Dayton in a new season of the show. However, he did talk about himself and the kids.

Sister Wives: Paedon Discusses Robyn Brown & Her Kids

In the long interview, a question from the panel mentioned Dayton and the RV parked outside of Kody’s house. It came after he dissed Robyn about her job and her fake crying. Gwendolyn Brown, already said on Patreon that Dayton had moved into the RV. And now, it’s been confirmed by her brother. He also confirmed that Dayton is “almost 21” years old. And he mentioned how his dad wanted “Gabe and Garrison” to get out of Janelle’s house, but Dayton must stay at home in the RV.

Sister Wives Alum Paedon Brown Opens Up About Robyn Kids
John Yates / YouTube

The Sister Wives alum emphasized that he really likes Dayton, who seems like a good person. But, he wished that Robyn and Kody Brown would allow Dayton more independence. He didn’t mention any challenges about being on the spectrum. But, he wishes Robyn would cut the “umbilical cord” because Dayton is “an incredible guy.” Speaking about the other kids, he mentioned that he doesn’t have “any problems with Breanna.” But, he added, “she became an immediate daddy’s girl.”

The Favorite Children Of Kody

Paedon feels that Breanna became the favorite of his dad, and can do nothing wrong. Plus, he said the same thing goes for “Solomon and Ariella.” Aurora and Dayton seem to be the ones Christine’s son is more likely to talk to, but he doesn’t spend much time with any of them. The part where the Sister Wives alum started discussing Robyn’s kids came at the 8.13 point of the video below.

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