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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Mike’s Mom Throws Out Major Concerns

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Mike's Mom Throws Out Major Concerns

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that Mike’s mother has thrown out some major concerns now that he has married Justine. Justine has been trying hard to get her relationship where it needs to be now that Mike is out of prison. His mother worries that Justine isn’t the type of parent that Mike needs in his life and they were quick to get into a pretty intense battle over it.

The Intense Fight Over Parenting

When Mike’s friend asks him if his kids have said anything about Justine, Mike tells him that they think she’s cool and they don’t have any problems with her. That’s when his mother interjects with, “But when it comes to like, to discipline now…” Mike tells his mother that he does trust her judgment and that he has seen how she takes care of her children and how she acts with them. He has no worries about this at all. “I’ll leave it in her hands, I know they’re in good hands,” he adds, but it does seem as if his mother still doesn’t believe that she will be good for his teenagers.

Just when we thought that everything was alright and everyone was happy, Justine then chimes in, “You trying me, huh?” His mother tells her that she’s not trying to start anything and that is when she asks Justine if she would rather talk with her. They walk off to go somewhere quiet and what seemed to be an adult discussion gets turned very quickly.

The Claws Come Out

Justine starts by saying that she feels like Mike and his mother don’t trust him to help take care of his kids. His mother tells Justine that she doesn’t feel that she has the right to come into the relationship and start trying to replace their mother. Justine tells her that when the kids are with them, she will be there to help him since she is his wife now. When it comes to Mike’s mother, she told Justine that the way she raises her teenager is her business, but she doesn’t expect her grandchildren to be raised the same way.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Mike's Mom Throws Out Major Concerns

Mike’s mother is worried that Justine will try to turn his teenage daughter into her own and she doesn’t like the way that she dresses or acts. Justine tells her that this is all between her and her daughter and she has no right to interject. Justine’s daughter, whos is 17 years old, recently got tattoos and this is a major concern with Mike’s mother. She doesn’t want his kids to see this and think it is fine for them to do.

It looks like these two will continue to battle it out and we will have to keep an eye on what happens next.

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