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Love After Lockup Star Harry Velez Booked For Multiple Offenses

Love After Lockup Star Harry Velez Booked For Multiple OffensesLove After Lockup fans are quite used to members of the cast being re-arrested after their release, and now, Harry Velez who fell in love with Indie, has joined the list. In fact, if charges were something to be proud of, he might have put himself in line for an award. So, what did he do, and is he likely to end up incarcerated for a long time?

Love After Lockup Star Harry Velez Was Also On Love During Lockup

Earlier this year, WEtv fans heard that Antoine was arrested again. But, he denied it was a new charge and it related to something that happened ages ago. However, it seems like an all-new story in the case of Harry, who fans also saw on Love During Lockup. And, he wasn’t easy to take in. In fact, the cops allegedly had to struggle a bit to get him to calm down, so he got tasered.

Love After Lockup star Indie doesn’t seem to be talking about the arrest. Recall, they split at one stage. That came when he cheated on her. Mind you, some fans wondered what on earth she saw in the guy’s criminal past that didn’t raise red flags. Recall, he’s been involved in things like kidnapping and robbery. So, it’s not like he just shoplifted a chocolate or two.

Love After Lockup – Arrest Details For Harry Velez

News of the arrest arrived via the account of @merrypants on Instagram. In the caption, the admin wrote, “today I received a message from Harry’s friend to let me know that he had been arrested. The news article details the event. The charges are serious and the bail is very high. This saddens me very much I am still rooting for Harry.” The article that she mentioned came from The Norwalk Reflector.

Love After Lockup Star Harry Velez Booked For Multiple Offenses
@merrypants / Instagram

Love After Lockup fans who saw the article that @Marrypants shared, heard that Harry will pay a lot of bond money: about $200K in all. His charges included Felonious Assault, Failure To Comply With A Police Order Or Signal, Having A Weapon While Under Disability, and more. The list continues with Improperly Handling A Firearm In A Motor Vehicle, Obstruction Of Official Business, and Receiving Stolen Property.” In fact, he picked up a lot of those when he allegedly resisted and ended up pepper sprayed and tasered.

WEtv Fans React

Love After Lockup fans took to the comments and expressed their feelings about the arrest. One of them wrote, “This happened in my hometown 😢.”

Another follower noted, “I just watched the episode where he was alone in the bedroom while@his wife was getting drunk with her new tenant in the kitchen. They were in a rough place, and wow. This is very unfortunate.”

Meanwhile, Terri Marie who Harry cheated with explained in the comments: “y’all don’t even know what happened. It’s not like he was out doing anything wrong. He was out supporting me, helping me, being a good boyfriend, and got pulled over. “

According to her, Harry just “wanted to make it home to me ❤️,” adding, “They maced him and tased him twice and are still wrongfully abusing him.” Next, she confirmed that Harry’s at “Huron County Sheriff’s Office.”

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