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Love After Lockup: Is Ashley Hiding Something While Travis Cools Things Down?

Love After Lockup: Is Ashley Hiding Something While Travis Cools Things Down?

Love After Lockup star Travis has been released from prison and he and Ashley are excited about their new life. Meanwhile, they both have a lot to learn and both are guilty of hiding secrets from the other. In the coming episodes, Travis and Ashley will be catching up while exploring their time together.

Love After Lockup’s Travis and Ashley

In last Friday’s episode of Love After Lockup, Ashley was excited to pick up Travis as he was released from prison. It was clear they were both happy to see each other, although it might not be so much the case on Travis’ side. In fact, as Ashley was keen to get intimate, Travis told her he needed some time to get used to life out of prison. During his 13 years behind bars for armed bank robbery, a lot has happened in the world.

As the couple heads to their hotel, Travis is excited to order his first beer and get a pizza delivered to the room. You know, the little things you miss when you are incarcerated. However, Ashley has other things on her mind, after not being with a man in almost five years.

Meanwhile, as they both start getting into it in the bathroom, the food arrives. Travis is quick to run to the door and soon forgets about his girlfriend. She is still hanging out in the bathroom as he starts to chow down on his first pizza in 13 years. However, Ashley soon comes out, reminding him what they had been up to in the moments before the pizza arrived at the door.

Is Ashley hiding a secret from Travis?

Meanwhile, the Love After Lockup star has spent plenty of time and money on her relationship with Travis. They head to Ashley’s Port St. Lucie, Florida, home where Travis is dumbfounded. After his jaw drops, he explains to her that he has never lived in such a great place before.

As they explore her home, it is clear to see how much she has done to make everything nice for Travis. She even bought him presents to celebrate his release, including a cell phone, new clothing and more.

It is clear that the Love After Lockup star is totally ready to commit and she even left Travis a major hint. As he goes to see the swimming pool, the first thing he sees is a huge inflated diamond ring, bought to remind him of her commitment.

However, while Travis does admit that he did verbally propose to Ashley while behind bars, now he’s free he feels the need to get his bearings. In fact, he wants to make sure he, and his wallet, is in the right place.

Teaser for Friday’s episode

In a teaser for Friday’s episode of Love After Lockup, Ashley reveals she is feeling anxious as she has been hiding certain things from Travis about her business. Meanwhile, Travis expects to get involved in the business, as Ashley promised to teach him the ropes of the antique jewelry purveyor business.

One issue that makes her nervous is her boyfriend’s criminal past. In her business, she worked with expensive jewels and her business partners might not be comfortable about him being involved.

This could be a huge problem for the couple relating to Travis’s parole address for the next three years, which is Ashley’s home. Also, while it isn’t clear what the conditions of his parole involve, one standard condition is that the parolee must find full-time employment. If Travis is relying on Ashley for this aspect, it could become difficult. Moreover, as Ashley hides away the jewelry, is she having trust issues?

Meanwhile, Travis has his own secrets as he hasn’t yet told Ashley that he is not ready to get engaged. After the blown-up engagement ring in the pool stunt, she is clearly in a hurry to proceed.

Watch Love After Lockup on Fridays at 9 pm ET on WE Tv. Meanwhile, as noted by Mass Live, the show also streams on Philo, fuboTV and DirecTV.

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