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Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Breaks MAJOR Family Rule

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Breaks MAJOR Family Rule

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Browns has shocked her fans with a major rule break. While she and Kody Brown were married, he made sure that his wives followed all of the rules of the Mormon church and it looks as if her rebellious side has really started to shine since she left Kody in November 2021. She has been open about the changes that she has made in her life and her fans were shocked to see this on her Instagram account.

Happy New Year From Christine

Many celebrities took time to post videos and pictures of themselves bringing in the New Year. Christine brought in the New Year by drinking a Bloody Mary! That’s right! She is consuming alcohol which is forbidden in the Mormon faith. In fact, Kody always made sure that his wives didn’t drink when they were all married, but now it looks as if Christine has started drinking and her fans are here for it.

One of her fans wrote to her, “It’s so easy to support you, Christine. You’re so deserving of the best life you can ever have!” Another wrote, “My hope this year for you and all the ex-wives is to find true unconditional forgiveness. Can you imagine the empowerment you three would have? Can you imagine the closeness you could have? Let’s see some big sister power this year from all three of you!” Another shared with her, “Christine, you deserve all the love in life. The three of you need to stay away from the madness you have encountered with Kody. Live your life big!”

Christine’s Changes

When we heard the news that Christine was leaving Kody, many of us were shocked. There were others who assumed that this would happen sooner than later. Christine admitted that she had bene unhappy for quite a few years and she needed to get out of the marriage.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Breaks MAJOR Family Rule

She doesn’t seem to love the polygamist lifestyle as much as she did when she joined the marriage to Kody and the other wives. She has since moved back to Utah with her daughter and wanted to be closer to her family and friends there.

Christine has made a lot of lifestyle changes as well and has been working hard on getting her weight down. She looks amazing these days and has started to date again too. She admitted that she isn’t ready for marriage again and as of right now, she is enjoying life without three other wives around. This is very refreshing for her.

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