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Teen Mom Spoilers: Kailyn Lowry Almost Ended up on Love After Lockup

Teen Mom Spoilers: Kailyn Lowry Almost Ended up on Love After LockupTeen Mom spoilers reveal that Kailyn Lowry has started to open up more about the time she thought that she was going to be on Love After Lockup. Love After Lockup follows couples who are learning how to navigate their relationships while one of them is in prison or has just been released. Recently, Kailyn posted on Twitter “Did I ever tell y’all about the time I was almost on Love After Lockup?”

Kailyn’s Current Relationship

Kailyn is currently in a relationship with a man named Elijah Scott. They were last seen together in October of 2022 and there has been some speculation on their relationship status. She has four boys and appeared on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. By looking at the two of them together, some fans think that they are not fit to be together and that there is no chemistry between them. Kailyn has been very open about her feelings for Elijah and hates the fact that her fans mock him. She continues to defend him and their love, but fans are still skeptical.

With all of her posts about her life, her children, and Elijah, her followers and fans feel that she could do much better and that she is always seeking attention. This all came to light when Redditors shared her tweet and decided to dissect it.

Fans React to Kailyn’s Post

After one Redditor shared Kailyn’s tweet, the comments came rolling in about her. One Redditor wrote, “Hey! Look at me! I need attention and would bring a convicted home to all my kids. I’m sure allllll your baby daddies would love that lol.” Another wrote, “I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d participated.” One more chimed in, “So you dated an inmate? What are we missing here, Kailyn?” Another shared, “That would’ve been very interesting lol. That show is a hot mess already and I f*****g love it! Please spill that tea! I’m here for it!”

Teen Mom Spoilers: Kailyn Lowry Almost Ended up on Love After Lockup

There were a lot of fans who felt that Kailyn really just wanted attention and that yes, it was no surprise that she would date a convict. She has had some sketchy people in her life already and we have seen them on Teen Mom. This is one of the reasons that no one was really that shocked to see her write about Love After Lockup, even if it was a joke. We will continue to keep an eye on Kailyn to see if she expands on how she could have been on Love After Lockup.

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