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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Opens Up After Split from Kody Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Opens Up After Split from Kody Brown

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri Brown has started to open up a little bit more after her split from her husband, Kody Brown. Many fans of the show feel that if she didn’t even find out that he wanted to break up with her until they were on the Tell-All special and he told the cameras that they were going their separate ways. She has been pretty quiet about the breakup until recently and now her fans are looking forward to hearing what she has to say about the split.

What Is On Her Mind Now?

Meri is pretty cryptic when it comes to her talking about her relationship with Kody, but now it looks as if she felt the need to be more open about her feelings. She and Kody were married for over 30 years and now she is reflecting on her life and marriage with him. In her post on New Year’s Eve, she wrote, “Just taking a moment today to say thank you to 2022. A year of challenges and personal growth, a year of confusion, and then clarity. A year of clearing out the old to make room for the new.

A year of finding myself again and knowing who has my back. A year of travel, new friends, new businesses, epic adventures, fabulous memories, and divine interventions. A year so full of realizations and forward movement and setting the stage for the most amazing 2023. I’m here for it all. Thank you 2022, here I come 2023!”

This is all coming to us as soon as the second part of the Tell-All episode is airing and it seems like the tension and drama have gotten crazy since Kody decided to tell viewers that he and Meri are done for good.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Opens Up After Split from Kody Brown

The Tell-All Surprises

In the Tell-All episode, Meri wanted to share what was on her mind after realizing that she and Kody were no longer together. She said, “Like, he just made the decision. I’ve never heard him say that to me.” Although Meri’s fans have told her for many years that she needed to get out of the marriage, she did everything that she could in order to keep their marriage afloat. He told her many times that he didn’t want to be intimate with her or even kiss her because they were no longer a couple. This should have been a red flag to push her out, but she continued to try and repair the marriage.

Meri’s fans are very happy for her and hope that she will heal and let him go for good so that she can fully move on with her life.

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