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Unexpected: Matthew Blevins Arrested For Three Alleged Crimes

Unexpected: Matthew Blevins Arrested For Three Alleged Crimes

The young men from TLC’s Unexpected have an unfortunate record of arrests and now Matthew Blevins joined the list. Ahead of the new year, he ended up detained for three alleged crimes. Actually, some of them seem to be quite serious. So what has the baby daddy been up to? Read on to find out.

Unexpected: Who Is Matthew Blevins?

When the news arrived that the dad of Kinsley and Levi landed up behind bars, some folks couldn’t recall him. Well, he appeared with Hailey Tomlinson in season 3 of the show. While he dated her, he became very flirty with Hailey Tilford.  Allegedly, the second Hailey was Tomlinson’s bestie. So, fans named them Hailey 1 and Hailey 2. You might recall that Matthew and Hailey 2 announced her pregnancy at the Tell-All. But, he split after baby Levi arrived.

Unexpected fans felt very sorry for Hailey 1 who was pregnant when Matthew cheated on her. However, she continued her studies to give Kinsley the best life. There, she met Darren and they had a good thing going until allegations of cheating emerged. They split, but it seems like they got back together and he treats Kinsley like his own daughter.  Meanwhile, Matthew split from Hailey 2 and it was a messy situation.

Unexpected Arrest Of Mathew Blevins

The arrest news arrived via All About The Tea on Instagram this weekend. Sharing a screenshot, the admin noted, “Matthew got locked up yesterday 😳 guess Karma got to him.” The document that they posted had three offenses listed. These included “2nd degree robbery, 4th degree assault (minor injury), and failure to appear citation for misdemeanor.” Obviously, it’s too early for any other details.

Unexpected Matthew Blevins Arrested For Three Alleged Crimes
Via All About The Tea / Instagram

Unexpected fans reacted as you might expect. They slammed him because of the way he messed up the lives of two young teen and their children. One of them commented, “His life is so sad. It’s too bad he never had the proper guidance.” Another fan wasn’t sorry for him, saying, “Even back when he was on the show as a teenager he looked like someone who was heading down that road to jail smh poor babies.”

Other Baby Daddies Who Ran Into Trouble

Unexpected fans saw more than one person in trouble with the cops. Max Schenzel, Jason Korpi, Anthony Vanelli, and Shayden Massey all spent time behind bars. In the case of Matthew, the robbery is a felony, so it’s quite a serious charge.

What do you think? Was Matthew raised wrong, or was he always set to take the wrong path eventually? Let us know in the comments below.

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