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Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Celebrates Putting Herself First

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Celebrates Putting Herself First

Sister Wives Seasons 16 and 17 revealed the breakup of Kody and Christine Brown, and the ugly toxicity played out on TLC. For fans of his third wife, it was worth watching because spoilers arrived that the TV stars separated.  For years, viewers waited for Meri to leave, but it was Christine, a strong woman, who walked out of the door first.

Sister Wives Fans See Christine Brown Looks Strong And Free

In Season 17 of the show, TLC fans watched as Kody Brown either sulked or threw his meltdown tactics to try and shift the blame because one of his wives left him. But, there was no sympathy for him. When his third wife left Flagstaff, she’d been gaslit by Robyn and Kody, and Meri had a lot to say as well. Kicking the dust off her feet, the only one who cheered her on was Janelle. And, later, she also departed.

Sister Wives fans learned that Christine left some bad memories behind her. In fact, she even sold the bed she’d shared with Kody before he started withholding intimacy. Mind you, she admitted that it wasn’t easy to walk away. Firstly, she worried about the reactions of fans of the TLC show.  Furthermore, after a quarter century, it’s not that easy to walk away from the father of your children.  However, she found the courage and walked into a new life.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Is A Survivor

When she left her spiritual husband, the TLC star found a lot of support from her adult kids. Paedon moved from St. George to Salt Lake City to be near her. Additionally, she lives close to Aspyn and Mykelti’s not that far away in Lehi. So, they totally support their mom. These days, Christine and Janelle collaborate a lot and they both sell Plexus products. Actually, they both seem to be happier and healthier for it.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Celebrates Putting Herself First
Christine Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans can’t comment when Christine Brown does her promos for Plexus. Probably, that’s because a lot of people diss that sort of thing. But, they can comment on other Instagram posts. When Christine shared a post saying she’s a “survivor,” nobody argued. Additionally, they already applaud her for putting herself “first.”

Not Giving Up

When the Sister Wives star toasted herself with her own product on December 29, she said, “I’m a survivor…it was time to put myself first.” Then she added, “I’m not going to give up, because I am worth it.” Then she talked about not stopping and put in some blurb about making 2023 worthwhile with her product.

While it is a promo, that doesn’t mean that what she said about being a survivor isn’t true. Do you agree? Shout out in the comments below.,

Be sure to check back here for everything happening with the TLC show. Come back often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates. 

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