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Spurgeon Gets Ignored by Ben Seewald Angering Fans

Spurgeon Gets Ignored by Ben Seewald Angering Fans

Duggar Family News reveal fans are pretty angry with a new video that was shared by Ben and Jessa Seewald quickly made fans upset. In the video, their son, Spurgeon gets very fussy when he is not getting the attention that he wanted and fans were quick to start criticizing them for it. Ben was trying his best to hang out with all of his children, but while they all wanted to play and have fun, he was having difficulties watching all of them at the same time. This is why he was pretty much ignoring Spurgeon when he got fussy.

The Video at The Park

As fans of the Duggars begin to find old videos of the family online, a fan pointed out on clip of where Ben was at the park with his kids. His son Henry started crying and he wanted to take care of him, but as he was doing so, Spurgeon started getting fussy too.

Ben tries to comfort Spurgeon and then he begins to get very upset and convulse. Ben can’t seem to do anything for him and that is when he decides to give his attention to Henry and just ignore Spurgeon, who seems more upset than Henry. This struck fans as really odd. Why wouldn’t he give his attention to the child that needed him more?

In the clip, Spurgeon continues to have a bigger tantrum and it really does seem as if Ben gave up trying to calm him down completely. Ben tells Spurgeon, “Hold on, Buddy. I’ve gotta go check on Henry.” As Ben continues to check on Henry, Spurgeon sits on the playground crying hysterically.

Spurgeon Gets Ignored by Ben Seewald Angering Fans

Fans React to Clip

It didn’t take long for fans of the show to start in on Ben during this clip. Redditors shared it on a Counting On page and they quickly showed their concern for the children after this scene. One Redditor wrote, “This looks like it’s the first time Ben has dealt with these two kids at the same time all on his own.” Of course, there were many Redditors that felt really bad for Spurgeon and were heartbroken by this video. Another added, “Spurgeon is crying because Ben is his father and he got the short end of the stick.”

There have been a lot of hints that Jessa could be pregnant again and this time with their fifth child. She has started to wear more flowing outfits as a way to maybe hide the baby bump. Her fans are fearful for more children since it is clear that Ben doesn’t have the best luck when it comes to caring for them all at once.

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