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Sister Wives Fans Wonder About Kody Brown’s Mental Health

Sister Wives Fans Wonder About Kody Brown's Mental Health

Season 17 of Sister Wives isn’t the first time that TLC fans grew concerned about what they think is wildness in Kody Brown’s eyes. Actually, years ago, he had a sort of meltdown that was way less dramatic than in recent episodes. And back then, some folks thought he had problems with his mental health.

Sister Wives Fans Saw Some Alarming Behavior By Kody Brown

In Season 17, fans became alarmed because when Kody was ranting and melting down over Janelle, Meri seemed to cower in her chair. Actually, some folks wondered if his wild behavior had made her a target of abuse over the years. Coincidentally, “Sam Copper” the catfish claimed that Meri told him/her, that he did abuse her. Additionally, Sam claimed on Twitter, that she heard him yelling at her.

Sister Wives fans think that Kody believes he should be respected and that equates to love. However, when Christine left him, he raged about disrespect rather than trying to mend things before it was too late. Of course, viewers also saw him ranting and raging at Janelle, who packed her bags and walked, Only Meri had to be told to get out and she still hopes for a reconciliation. But then, many TLC fans worry about her mental health. Some of them opine that she’s addicted to his abusive behavior.

Sister Wives – Kody’s Wild Eyes In Skittles & Beer Teaser

Since Kody Brown decided to relocate to Flagstaff, he seemed to get episodes of lost control. Cast your mind back to when he was talking about moving. Two years ago, he ranted about being able to make his own breakfast. On Reddit, TLC fans said then that he seemed “completely wild” and almost “manic.” Back then, they talked about his “mental health.” And now, the subject emerged again. This time, it came on Instagram.

Sister Wives Fans Wonder About Kody Browns Mental Health
TLC via @90daythemelanatedway / Instagram

Sister Wives fans who saw the recent scenes of Kody talking about how it’s “not all skittles and beer” for polygamist men, noted that he seemed to look around wildly. While some folks just mocked him for losing three out of four wives, others seemed worried about his mental health. Certainly, he seems to come over as wild and scary to some folks.

Mental Health Problems?

Sister Wives fans who discussed the meltdown two years ago thought that Kody need help back then, but that he might never acknowledge it. This week, another person mentioned it. In the comments on Instagram, they said, “If you just look at his eyes you can see that [he’s] not we’ll. (sic). he’s unstable for sure, the way he walks, talks and looks at you, says it all for me, geez 🙄.”

A few others also seemed to be wary of his wild look. What are your thoughts? Do think that Kody seems to be on the edge of a manic episode more frequently now than in the past? Would you feel comfortable with a man who has eyes like he does? Does he need help to cope with his mental health? Let us know in the comments below.

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