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Little People Big World Star Tori Shares All The Roloff Grandkids In One Photo

Little People Big World Star Tori Shares All The Roloff Grandkids In One Photo

The family from the Little People Big World (LPBW) show on TLC had a really social Christmas. Matt Roloff revealed that he saw all of the grandchildren before he flew out to Arizona. Then, the news arrived that the family spent some time with Amy and Chris. And notably, all of the cousins were together when Tori shared a photo of the grandchildren at Audrey Roloff’s place.

Little People Big World: Roloff Family Set Feuds Aside At Christmas?

Tori Roloff and her sister-in-law, Audrey have apparently been feuding. Rumors swirled around for ages about that. However, Zach’s wife claimed that there isn’t any problem. Lately, in the runup to the festive season, fans suspected the feud continues. After all, they both attended the Nutcracker at Keller Auditorium Theater. But, neither of them mentioned the other in their posts about it. Anyway, if they do feud, they seem to set their differences aside at Christmas.

Little People Big World fans saw that both Roloff families posted about their Christmas trees. In Tori’s case, she was ill, so Zach took Jackson out to choose one. When she felt better, the train was set up and as it ran around the tree, Jackson showed it to his baby brother, Josiah. Meanwhile, Jeremy Roloff had a bit of a disaster with his giant tree. When he cut the ropes that bound it, the branches sprang out and smashed a window.

Little People Big World – All The Roloff Grandchildren

When Tori shared her photo of all the cousins together, they sat in front of the massive tree that Jeremy put up. All of the grandkids in one photo are about as rare as Lilah “Bean” saying no to a snack. In fact, the picture even revealed Isabel and Jacob’s little boy, Mateo with his cousins. However, TLC fans couldn’t see his face, as per his parents’ wishes.

Little People Big World Star Tori Shares All The Roloff Grandkids In One Photo
Tori Roloff / Instagram Stories

Little People Big World fans saw that Mateo was on the couch next to his cousin Radley, who was cuddled close to his big sister, Ember. Next to them sat Jackson, looking after baby Josiah, and then Lilah sat next to Bode. It would be interesting to know why the TLC starlet appeared to give Bode the side-eye.

What Christmas Is All About

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff captioned her Instagram Story: “This is what it’s all about, ladies and gents.”

Actually, she seems to be correct about that. It’s a season of love, forgiveness, and joy. And those little kids bring a lot of joy. Not just to their families, but to TLC fans as well.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the LPBW family right now. Come back here often for Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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