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Fans Go After Amy Duggar for Spoiling Her Son with Too Many Christmas Gifts

Fans Go After Amy Duggar for Spoiling Her Son with Too Many Christmas Gifts

Duggar Family news reveals that fans are, yet again, slamming Amy Duggar for her lack of parenting acumen after she admitted to “overwhelming” her son Daxton, 3, with Christmas gifts. Read on and we’ll give you the low down.

Duggar Family News: Will Amy Duggar Ever Get it Right?

Duggar Family news reveals that, according to The Sun, fans are once again going after a Duggar family member for being irresponsible and “spoiling” their child. The Counting On veteran, 36, took to Instagram to share an image and a video of her son Daxton enjoying some early Christmas presents.

Of course, Daxton looked adorable playing with his new stuffed zebra in Amy’s video. She captioned the post, explaining to fans why she decided to let her baby boy open his gifts before Santa arrived on Christmas Day.

Why Amy Duggar Spreads Daxton’s Gifts Out

“So we have decided that sometimes Christmas presents all at once can be extra over-stimulating when they are all at once!” Amy wrote. “Last year he literally just stared at them and didn’t know what to play with first! So this year we have decided to spread the presents out over the course of the weeks leading up to Christmas!!”

“One of his big presents this year is from @ponycycle Everyone meet Ziggy!! [zebra emoji].”

Is Daxton King Spoiled?

Paying no mind to Amy’s good intentions, several fans castigated the 36-year-old for giving so many gifts to her child at Christmas. “She posts loads of toys from that thrift shop every week. This kid is spoiled!” one Redditor claimed.

Others implied that the reason the child gets overstimulated with new toys is that he keeps getting them. “Is he overwhelmed or bored because he gets new toys every week?” someone wrote.

Other fans wrote that Amy’s plan of dividing up Daxton’s gifts in order for him to receive one a day was unwarranted when he could get them all on Christmas Day. “Just give him a couple of gifts at Christmas. It’s not a law you need to bury your child in gifts,” one critic slammed.

Fans Go After Amy Duggar for Spoiling Her Son with Too Many Christmas Gifts

Toddler or Swordsman?

As of later naysayers have been slamming the TLC personality for laughing off her boys’ dangerous behavior. Near the end of November, Amy took to her Instagram Story to share a clip about Daxton chucking butter knives.

In the clip, she said, “My little guy has so much balance it’s insane, so no. He was fine on the stool, I promise you. Second of all, butter knives tick him off. He throws them. He’s like, ‘This is not a real knife’ and he throws them.”

Throughout the clip, Amy appeared relaxed and even laughed while telling the story. Critics castigated her for chuckling at what they saw as dangerous behavior. “When she says he throws butter knives and safety knives because he thinks they aren’t real,” a critic wrote.

Another spoke up, writing, “The whole point of safety knives is to learn to use them safely and train the child to eventually use real knives when they’re at an appropriate age. If they’re misused, pointed at other people or pets, or thrown, then they need to get taken away until the child is ready to try again.”

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