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Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Finds Relief For Distressing Discomfort

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Finds Relief For Distressing DiscomfortMany Sister Wives fans can probably relate to Janelle Brown who ends up feeling discomfort when she travels by car or plane. Actually, it’s not unusual to see people climb out of a car on a road trip and hobble a few steps before they can walk freely. Fortunately, Kody’s former second wife found a way to deal with that.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Travels A Lot

Since Christine, Janelle, and Maddie Brush started marketing Pleux products, they seem to be on the road a lot. Or, they fly frequently. Sometimes, they don’t say where they are traveling to. But nearly every time, Maddie’s mom ends up looking exhausted. In her case, it’s been something that she struggled with her entire life. Stiff, sore, and tired is a horrid way to feel at a business conference or even on vacation.

Sister Wives fans can’t really point at Janelle and accuse her of getting that uncomfortable feeling because she’s overweight. She’s taken a healthy approach to life and works out. Plus, her clothing size clearly dropped drastically. In fact, some TLC fans think that she’s the best advert for her own project. Anyway, now she found a way to cope, at least when she’s driving to somewhere like Flagstaff, or Las Vegas.

Sister Wives Janelle Tests Out Stretch Zone

On December 22, Maddie’s mom went onto her Instagram Stories and did a sort of Car Confession. It didn’t seem to be a promo shoutout, but she talked about how she always feels terrible after traveling. So, they stopped off at “one of the new stretching places.” Then she promised some feedback when she was done. The TLC star also shared a photo of the equipment inside.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Finds Relief For Distressing Discomfort
Janelle Brown / Instagram Stories

The Sister Wives star explained, “It’s all passive – they strap your body in different ways.” Then she added, “they can stretch for you while you relax.” Was it any good? Well, yes. In fact, she “loved it.” In her video, she said that she’s “absolutely sold.” She said that it was “interesting: kind of like chiropractor meets yoga, meets something.” But the main thing is that the “tension” had gone out of her hips.

Posture And Cramoed Conditions

When the Sister Wives star talked about a “chiropractor” and “yoga,” she nailed it. The Evolve Chiropractic website suggests that “it’s ideal to get out of your car every hour to stretch and give your back a break. You can try some light yoga, walking around, or even using a massage ball and foam roller to help alleviate some of your lower back pain.”

Well, now it seems that you don’t have to start doing yoga and rolling around on the roadside. Stretch Zone seems to have helped Janelle, who said she noticed them popping up all over the place.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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