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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Nathan’s Plans For Skylar Crash & Burn

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Nathan's Plans For Skylar Crash & BurnLove After Lockup Season 7 premiered on December 16 and already, WEtv fans feel a bit bored. Will Skylar and Nathan spark things up a bit? Well, not really,  seeing she’s all about throws and a picture of the cow in her kitchen. But, things are about to get heated. In fact, Nathan has some nice plans for his fellow former inmate but they crash and burn.

Love After Lockup Spoilers For Nathan & Skylar InSeason 7

The initial bios and synopsis for Nathan and Skylar sounded interesting. Bear in mind, they seem to be different from the other couples as they both served time in prison. Later, when she moved to a halfway house, they hooked up, and she ended up back in jail again. Actually, fans would probably prefer that they stay apart as there’s some alarming news that her last two boyfriends both passed away.

Nathan, the Love After Lockup star with a string of criminal run-ins seems contrite, and he wants to settle down. After moving in with his grandmother, he started saving money. In fact, he really wants to seal the deal with a ring and a nice place to stay. However, WEtv fans on social media noticed that she doesn’t seem to hang about when it comes to finding new partners. Is she serious about Nathan?

Love After Lockup Spoiler: Nathan Is Disappointed

It’s not the first time plans went awry on the show. How many times did people meet up and then immediately get on the blower to their old flames from behind bars? Well, in Skylar’s case, she just wants to chat with her friends. Spoilers reveal that she seems barely interested in Nathan’s romantic plans.

Love After Lockup Spoilers Nathan Plans For Skyler Crash and Burn
WEtv via According To Amber / YouTube

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that she’s excited to be out, but not as excited as Nathan is. He went to the trouble of making everything perfect and nice, but she doesn’t seem interested in his one-on-one romance. Once, again, it becomes clear that they definitely are not reading the same book. While he tries hard, she just waves him off and he gets angry, And, who can blame him?

Crashed & Burns In An Argument

Love After Lockup star Skylar claimed that the way Nathan was carrying on was getting embarrassing. So, a big argument started. Well, it’s unfortunate, and the cliffhanger is, can he retrieve something that seems already lost? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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