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Love After Lockup Spoilers: Fans Want Emily Aschenbach Off the Show, Here’s Why

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Fans Want Emily Aschenbach Off the Show, Here's Why

Love After Lockup spoilers reveal that there are plenty of fans who want Emily Aschenbach off of the show. Of all of the cast members that we have seen, she is one of the most controversial of them all. Her personality has really rubbed fans the wrong way and it’s not getting any better according to the viewers. From the minute we saw her, she was hiding things and making excuses. She refused to answer questions about why she canceled her trip to see her fiance, Dauri, and ever since then, viewers have been very suspicious of her.

Emily’s Shady Behavior

Emily hasn’t made a good impression on anyone since she first appeared on the show. In fact, when the producers asked her why she wasn’t going to see Dauri, she told the cameras, “You know, I’m not about to answer that s**t.” She then told the producers that she felt like she was being interrogated and she wasn’t about to answer these questions. Of course, viewers saw this as if she is hiding something from him or from the producers.

When Redditors saw this sketchy behavior, they were immediately up in arms about how she acted. Being on a reality show is complicated, but if she is going to hide things from the viewers and producers, she has some serious issues.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Fans Want Emily Aschenbach Off the Show, Here's Why

Redditors Share Thoughts

When Redditors went in on Emily, it is clear that they want her off the show. One Redditor wrote, “How do you not like answering questions about your relationship? You are the one who signed up for it and you are the one who signed up to be on this reality show! Her behavior is so very sketchy! Can we get rid of her?” Another wrote, “She is way too insecure. She was talking about having to wear baggy clothes and not being able to dress as she would normally for a first date.

So not only does she look way different from the filtered pics he’s seen, she would be looking even worse in baggy, unflattering clothes.” Another wrote, “She has put on weight and knows that he’s gonna reject her but hey, let’s wait until he gets out for that, plus that buys time for her to come up with the money she owes him and to get her excuses together as to why she doesn’t have it.”

It seems that the first pictures that she sent to him were not at all what she looks like now and that is why fans think that she isn’t ready to meet Dauri. We will have to see if this changes, but from the looks of it, she may continue this catfishing.

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