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Sister Wives: Will Meri Brown Rush Into The Arms Of Josh Seiter?

Sister Wives: Will Meri Brown Rush Into The Arms Of Josh Seiter?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is on Instagram being Miss Positive Patty soon after Kody Brown showed her how to pack her bags. Actually, she said that it was his decision, but she still hopes he might reconcile one day. In the meantime, Josh Seiter’s prowling around Janelle, Christine, and Meri. Will she rush into his arms?

Sister Wives – Kody Tells Meri Brown He’s Done With Her

TLC fans wondered why Meri Brown insisted on staying with her husband. Clearly, he had no time for her. While people hope for a spinoff with Christine and Janelle, it’s unlikely that Meri will be welcome. In fact, she might even turn it down. That’s because Kody spoiled the fact that Christine just freaked out when she found out that he wanted to try and save his marriage to Meri. Finally, the news came that after Janelle separated from him, he also sent Meri away.

Sister Wives fans wondered how long it would be before Josh Seiter slid into Meri Brown’s Instagram comments. Actually, that speculation came soon after he appeared in Janelle’s comments on her Instagram. Next, he posted up on his stories about how he messaged Kody Brown. In that post, he said, “why do you treat your wives so terribly then try to justify it with religion? Gas lighting much?”

Additionally, he showed a slide that talked about “running a 3-for-1 discount for bundled parties.”

Josh Seiter Hot In Pursuit Of Sister Wives Women

On December 20, Meri Brown took to her Instagram and posted about how some people are “mediocre” by doing the same thing as everyone else. Next, she suggested that people should do their own thing in their “own time” and on their “own terms.” Additionally, she talked about letting people “judge” them and “talk” about them. Then she mentioned finding “your own courage and your own strength.” She ended by saying, “Worthy Up, Sister!”

Sister Wives Will Meri Brown Rush Into The Arms Of Josh Seiter
Meri Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans noticed that  Josh Seiter slid into the comments. First, he said “Amen.” Next, he said. “Hey, Meri I heard the plural life wasn’t for you so I’m offering 100% of me.” In the replies, people told him that he might have to fight off “Sam” the old catfish who apparently still has the hots for Kody’s ex. Meanwhile, another person said, “I’m pretty sure he would just take anything that throws themselves at him.”

Is Meri Likely To Date Josh?

Sister Wives fans also saw that John Yates screenshot and shared the post on his own Instagram account. He said, “And there’s thirsty Josh in Meri’s comments just like I said he would be.” More comments arrived on that post and one person asked, “Am I the only one who thinks Josh might actually have a chance with Meri?”

Actually, that is not a bad question to ask if you think about it. While people said that it’s a bit of a hard pass for them, some folks think that she could be very susceptible to his game. The same poster added, “I just think she a lonely hot mess, she’s susceptible to his game.”

What are your thoughts? Does Josh Seiter stand a chance of hooking up with Meri Brown? Let us know in the comments below.

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