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Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Explains Why Her Marriage Ended

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Explains Why Her Marriage Ended

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Meri Brown has been very open about why her marriage ended with Kody Brown. The news broke when the Tell-All episode aired. Meri and Kody both told host, Sukanya Krishnan, that they were done and moving on with their lives. This wasn’t a shock to many viewers, but the shocking part was, Meri said that Kody wanted the separation and not the other way around.

Why Did Things End?

The marriage between Kody and Meri wasn’t always stable. In fact, Meri has thousands of fans that feel as if she should have left Kody years ago. Kody told the cameras, “I don’t really consider myself married to Meri. If she wanted to move on and marry another, she wouldn’t get into an argument with me.” The downfall of their marriage happened years ago when Meri was caught up in a catfishing scandal. This completely rocked their world. The entire scandal was on the show when Meri found out that she had really been talking to a woman and not a man.

Meri was quick to share with the cameras that she never heard Kody say that their marriage was over. Meri told Krishnan, “He just made the decision. I’ve never heard him say that to me. It just doesn’t make sense to me that he would be so frustrated with Christine and be like, ‘She just made this decision. We didn’t consult, we didn’t talk, she just made this decision.’ And then he says, ‘No, I don’t consider myself to be married to Meri.'”

The History of the Browns

The Browns have struggled with their marriages for years. Christine was the first to leave Kody and it really shook their worlds. The catfishing scandal was pretty much where Kody felt their marriage completely failed. Meri has called her marriage to Kody “disturbing” and Kody has said that it was “dysfunctional”.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Explains Why Her Marriage Ended

Meri always thought that Kody was trying to fix their marriage and she told the cameras, “Ever since being in Flagstaff, he has led me to believe that he was trying. You know, the first anniversary that we had here in Flagstaff it was, ‘Cheers to a new beginning’ as opposed to this last anniversary he’s like, ‘I don’t even know why you called me, Meri.’ He’s like, ‘We’re not married. We’re not acting as married.'”

Meri admits that Kody is the one who made the decision to leave the marriage and for now, she will just try to pick up the pieces in hopes that she can start her life over now too.

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