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Sister Wives: Is Josh Seiter Calling Out Kody Brown Or On The Prowl?

Sister Wives: Is Josh Seiter Calling Out Kody Brown Or On The Prowl?

Sister Wives fans were very angry when they saw that former Bachelorette contender, Josh Seiter turned up in Christine Brown’s Instagram comments. Then, they saw that he did the same thing with Janelle Brown. That came soon after the news arrived that she is also separated from Kody Brown. Anyway, on the surface of it, he just called out Kody Brown. However, is it actually that? Or is he simply prowling for more reality TV partners?

Sister Wives Fans Were Horrified When Josh Seiter Flirted With Christine

TLC fans were so happy for Christine Brown who started dating again after her split from Kody. Not because she was desperate for a husband, but because she was having fun. Anyway, along came Josh who previously dated Yolanda Leak and other reality TV stars. In four of the last five posts that Christine shared on Instagram, Josh has turned up in her comments.

The first time, he said, “What a tasty treat 😏,” talking about home-baked bread. Sister Wives fans saw him in another post, calling her “gorgeous.” Once, he said, “Nothing more attractive than a witty woman with flawless oratory 😍.” Next, he started commenting on Janelle’s posts. Anyway, people wonder if he slipped into Christine’s DMs. According to TV Shows Ace, he admitted that he did. Well, fans are concerned because they care about Christine and Janelle.

Sister Wives Fans Saw Josh Seiter Call Out Kody

It might interest fans to know that Josh was on The Bachelorette in 2015. At the time, his bio revealed that he hailed from Chicago and studied law in Illinois. But suddenly, since he slid into the Brown family posts, he posted up about historic family ties in Utah. It’s gone now, but loads of people saw it.

With Christine in Utah, is he looking for common ground? Additionally, now that spoilers revealed that Meri left Kody Brown as well, does he have his eye on her? His latest Story talks about “3 For 1.” Sister Wives fans might think that Josh Seiter called out Kody.

On Friday, he  shared a screenshot of him sending a message to Kody, It said, “Why do you treat your wives so terribly then  try to justify it with religion?” Next, he added, “Gaslighting much?” Okay, fair enough, the sounds rather noble. But it was the second slide that might make fans wonder if it’s all just about him being on the prowl.

Sister Wives Is Josh Seiter Calling Out Kody Brown Or On The Prowl
Josh Seiter / Instagram Stories

In the second slide, he talked about “running a 3 for 1 discount for bundled parties.” 

Is Meri Brown Next?

Sister Wives fans noticed that while he was seen in Janelle and Christine’s comments, he also talked about the “3 for 1.” Clearly, he now knows that Meri has also left Kody Brown. Does he hint that he wouldn’t mind taking on three new wives to become the sequel to the TLC show? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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