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Love After Lockup: Monique and Derek Might Have A Problem

Love After Lockup: Monique and Derek Might Have A Problem

Love After Lockup couple Monique and Derek found each other and their story plays out in season 7 of the WEtv show. Once again, spoilers reveal another person caught telling fibs by omission. After they met on social media, they have been talking for some time. However, she forgot to mention a major incompatibility issue. Will they survive him finding out the truth?

Love After Lockup: Monique Found Derek On Facebook

Season 7 spoilers revealed she went onto Facebook and found a prisoner letter-writing site. So, liking what she saw, she started writing to him. Both of them clicked and for nearly two years, that’s the way they communicated. However, they didn’t meet in person yet. Will he be shocked when he finally sees her?  The lie comes because he’s into fitness and thinks that she is keen as well.

In life outside of the prison, Monique is definitely not into fitness. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt her to try and work on her health. Actually, she’s in need of gastric surgery to help her with weight problems. Whilst that might seem like a situation that Derek can help her with, the Love After Lockup star hasn’t been honest with him. In fact, when he gets out, they are keen to get into some intimacy. Obviously,  she won’t be able to hide much from him.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Derek Gets Out Of Prison Soon

Monique finally started realizing that there’s a problem ahead. So, she spoke with friends and her sisters. As she spilled her fears out, it became obvious that she wasn’t worrying about something inconsequential. In fact, he’s much younger than her. Not only that, but he’s very into fitness and hopes that she will join him when he gets out.

Love After Lockup Monique And Derek Might Have A Problem
WEtv via Starcasm

Clearly, the Love After Lockup star gave him the impression that she enjoys good health. So, it’s no wonder that as his release date draws near, she starts to worry.  Sylvia, her sister seems a bit anxious because it all sounds really serious. In fact, he’s already talking about getting a ring.  Then, when she heard that it was just a matter of days before Derek is released, the gravity of the situation sank in.

No Time To Shed Weight

Shy of a miracle, there’s not a lot that Monique can do to undo the fact that she kind of lied by not being honest. Her other sister, Calandra seems to be worried a lot. So, she wondered how earth their first meeting will go down. So, they peppered Monique with questions. Unfortunately, she seems to be woefully unprepared.

Naturally, her sisters would hate to see Monique dumped by Derek before they even get started. So, it will all rest with the way she handles the first time she actually sees him. How do you rate her chances of keeping his love interest? Let us know in the comments below.

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