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Sister Wives Tell-All Spoilers: Kody Claims Christine Lost It Over Meri

Sister Wives Tell-All Spoilers: Kody Claims Christine Lost It Over MeriSister Wives Season 17 got a teaser for the Tell-All that airs this coming Sunday, December 18 and Kody Brown talked about Christine and Meri. That came when Sukanya Krishnan pushed him into explaining why he talks so coldly about his ex-third wife.

Sister Wives Season 17 Spoilers Reveal Christine Left Kody Brown First

For a long time, TLC fans assumed that Meri Brown would ditch Kody first. However, she decided to stick with him despite his rejection. Pretty much, fans have a very difficult time understanding why she hangs out for him to give her the come hither. Ahead of Season 16, the most massive spoiler arrived that someone had ditched Kody, but it wasn’t Meri. Instead, it was Christine.

In August last year, Sister Wives fans heard that Meri didn’t think her marriage would ever be rekindled with Kody. Every season for a long time, they went for counseling and it failed. Meanwhile, Every season, Christine talked about her extreme jealousy of the other wives.

Recall, she didn’t want to consider one big mansion for all of them in Flagstaff. That’s because she couldn’t deal with Kody and the other wives stepping out for some alone time. In retrospect, fans should have realized that she was already tired of polygamy.

Sister Wives Tell-All Spoilers – Kody Calls Christine Brown A Player

In the teaser for the Tell-All, Kody chatted with the host, Sukanya Krishna. Talking about what Kody did or didn’t do to save his marriage, he mentioned that he thought his third wife was just “a game player.”  Well, Sukanya didn’t understand what he meant by that. Actually, he already mentioned it earlier in Season 17. That came when she packed his things in the garage.

Sister Wives Tell-All Spoilers Kody Claims Christine Lost It Over Meri
TLC Via US Weekly

Pushed into giving more detail, the Sister Wives star claims that Christine misbehaved for years.  Then he gave some examples of her behavior that offended him. According to him, Christine would throw “tantrums,” which sounds a bit rich coming from him. Additionally, she allegedly “pouted” and manipulated him a lot., So, when she started making moves to get out, he thought it was just repeated behavior.

Christine Lost It over Meri

According to the Sister Wives patriarch, he planned to reconcile with Meri when they all moved to Flagstaff. Actually, you might remember that he took her along to scope out the place before the others went there. Allegedly, when he spoke to Christine, Janelle, and Robyn about it, “Christine lost her S–t.”

Apparently, it all went down at a party, and Christine stormed off yelling about being “in a loveless marriage.” And, that was said to one of the kids.“There’s something wrong in the relationship between Meri and Christine,” Kody opined. However, when it was Christine’s turn to talk to Sukanya Krishnan, she seemed sick and tired of going over old ground all over again.

You can check out the teaser on this LINK HERE.

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