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Is Joy-Anna Forsyth Having Twins? Fans Think So

Is Joy-Anna Forsyth Having Twins? Fans Think So

Duggar Family News reveals that some fans feel that Joy-Anna Forsyth could possibly be pregnant with twins. This rumor all began with a recent picture that she shared on social media. Many of her fans looked at this new photo and they feel that she could be having two babies and not one!

The Baby Bump

In her newest post on Instagram, she took a selfie of herself with Austin Forsyth in the mirror. Her baby bump is one full display in the mirror, but it has some fans concerned that there are two babies in there! She captioned the photo, “15 weeks and bumpin’ along.” It didn’t seem like she was that far along to her fans and many of them were quick to share that they thought she was less than 15 weeks. It seems like just yesterday she announced her pregnancy.

As soon as Joy-Anna shared this photo, her fans were quick to react. Many of her fans said things such as, “Are you sure there’s only 1 in there? You’re pretty big for 15 weeks! Maybe there are 2 in there!” Not only did Joy-Anna share this to show off her baby bump, but it also looks as if she shared it to show her fans that she doesn’t have a messy house as they have mentioned in the past.

The Dirty House Comments

Just this past week, Joy-Anna shared some pictures of her home and she got a lot of backlash for her house being dirty. In the selfie, the mirror is pretty clear and one fan even pointed out that they didn’t see the toothpaste on the mirror anymore. That was when Joy-Anna commented back, “Yes, we are normal humans and my mirror is dirty.” That fan must have felt bad because then they said, “I’m sorry if my comment hurt your feelings JOy, it wasn’t meant to but some on here just like to put their two bobs worth in.”

Is Joy-Anna Forsyth Having Twins? Fans Think So

Another fan wrote to Joy-Anna, “That’s what I love about you guys! Showing all sides of life. I mean, how often does a mirror even get cleaned?” It does seem like a lot of fans have her back when it comes to being a normal person. They are, in fact, just like us. It was great to see fans supporting her and there were so many that feel like she really could be pregnant with twins, but we will just have to see what happens next with the pregnancy before we can be sure.

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