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7 Little Johnstons Star Liz Johnston Turns 21 – Photos Emerge

7 Little Johnstons Star Liz Johnston Turns 21 - Photos Emerge

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston was born on December 7, 2001. However, it looked like the actual 21st birthday party was celebrated over the weekend. Of course, Brice, her boyfriend featured in the photos that dropped and so did other family members and friends. Many of her TLC followers sent in their congrats and best wishes to the nursing student who also holds down a job.

7 Little Johnstons – Liz Johnston Was Not Adopted

Unlike Anna, Alex, and Emma, Liz, came into the world of Trent and Amber after they welcomed 23-year-old Jonah. However, the adopted kids seem to be just as much a part of the family as the other two biological children. In fact, Trent never misses an opportunity to shout out all his daughters on National Daughters Day. On her actual birthday, her mom gave her daughter a shoutout calling her the “daughter in the middle!💛🎈. “

7 Little Johnstons fans might not be aware that Anna is actually older than Liz and she celebrated her 21st back in May last year. Season 12 revealed that Trent and Amber had a few issues with Brice, the boyfriend of Liz. In fact, they felt that things were getting a bit too serious too quickly. However, Liz later demonstrated her maturity by saying that she is not quite ready to take things next level yet.

7 Little Johnstons – Photsd From Liz Johnston’s Birthday Party

Although the photos that Liz posted up didn’t show her brother Jonah, he was there. Actually, it was Emma who shared a picture of him. When Liz posted hers up, she put Brice’s picture first. In her caption, she said, “21st Hoedown 🥳🍻 #hellojello.”

7 Little Johnstons Star Liz Johnston Turns 21 - Photos Emerge
Liz Johnston / Instagram

TLC fans saw that the whole theme was for a cowgirl and everyone went along dressed up for it., Actually, Emma looked very cute wearing her black hat.

Liz Johnston birthday party 1

Of course, plenty of selfies were taken and big smiles suggested the party was great fun and a complete success.

Liz Johnston birthday party 2

None of the photos showed Liz Johnston with her dad, but perhaps that might be due to their NDAs.

Liz Johnston birthday party 3

7 Little Johnstons fans didn’t see Alex in the photos but that doesn’t mean the young man who studies broadcasting wasn’t there.

Liz Johnston birthday party 4

TLC fans really like one particular photo of Liz with her younger sister, Emma.

Liz Johnston birthday party 5

Hopefully, everyone gets to enjoy more of the celebration in a  new season of the show.

TLC Fans Comment

7 Little Johnstons fans turned up in the comments section of the post shared by Liz Johnston. One of them wrote, “Happy Birthdayy!! So gorgeous, love the theme! 🔥🎂🎈🍾.”

One fan who wished her all the best asked if Liz had completed her nursing training, Unfortunately, she didn’t reply to that. Once again, fans might need to watch more seasons of the show.

Of course, many people just said “happy birthday.” But, others said some nice things. This comment about Liz and Bruce is one example: “Beautiful Couple..You can see the love you have for each other just by looking at your eyes, how they shine when you are together. May you always and forever share those feelings.”

Be sure to check back with us for everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come here often for more 7 Little Johnstons spoilers, news, and updates.

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