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90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Hamza Moknii Has Found a New Family in the States

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Hamza Moknii Has Found a New Family in the States

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Hamza Moknii has truly made a new life for himself in America. Hamza is best known for his time on the show with his ex-wife, Memphis Smith. They found themselves splitting up shortly after they had their first child together and they moved to the states.

He has been living in Chicago and working on a modeling career. He has posted on his social media account regularly about how much he misses his daughter, but now it looks as if he may have found a new family in Chicago.

What’s New With Hamza

According to Hamza’s Instagram account, it looks like he has been making friends and some bonds that are similar to a new family. Just last weekend, he shared some photos of himself with a group of me. He captioned these photos, “It was the best days ever with my brothers in Michigan.” This post made his fans think that he was in Michigan visiting his daughter and Memphis. That is where she lives after all.

From the looks of this post, Hamza looks very happy and his fans think that this is what he needed to get through his loneliness and missing his daughter. He has definitely shown a lot more happiness in the past few posts than we have seen in the past. This is why after seeing this post, his fans feel that this could be his new family in America.

Hamza and Memphis’ Marriage

No one is truly sure what happened between Memphis and Hamza. Neither one of them has made an official statement about what split them up, but many fans think that it could be the fact that Memphis still spends a lot of time with her ex. He helps her out with the kids and this seemed to be an issue that these two had with one another.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Hamza Moknii Has Found a New Family in the States

There have also been some questions about how Hamza is staying in the states if he is no longer married to Memphis. It does look as if he has started working in Chicago, so he clearly has a permit to do so, but did he receive a green card for being married to Memphis? This has been a major question from fans, but he has yet to answer it.

We do think that Hamza looks very happy with these men in the photos. We do hope that he got a chance to see his daughter while in Michigan and that this made him happier than ever!

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