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Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Praise Savannah and Truely Brown for Bonding

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Praise Savannah and Truely Brown for Bonding

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that fans have started to really praise some of the Brown sisters because of their recent scenes of bonding together. Lately on the show, we have seen Savannah and Truely Brown connecting like never before. Fans have started to praise their sisterhood and it reminds them a lot of the friendship that their mothers have.

Praise for Savannah and Truely

Janelle Brown is Savannah’s mother and Christine Brown is Truely’s mother. According to Janelle and Christine, they have become best friends after both being married to Kody Brown. With Christine leaving the marriage, many of their fans have questioned if Janelle will stay in the marriage. From what we have seen so far on the show, it doesn’t look as if she will. This love that the half-sisters have now has really made fans happy to see them on the show together.

Savannah, who is 18 years old has been on the show since 2010 and she has quite the following on social media. Her fans have loved watching her grow and how she relates with Truely. During this season, we have really seen the girls grow closer and being to lean on each other more in times of need.

Season 17 Changes

With Truely getting closer to Savannah, it has been difficult for her to maintain her friendship with her since she moved back to Utah with Christine. They have sleepovers where they hang out and fans really do applaud this new bond and friendship. After watching this season, fans had a lot to say about this friendship. One fan tweeted, “I love how Janelle and Savannah and Truely stay over. All three in a camper yet Kody says he isn’t sure how she’ll fit into Robyn’s huge house.” One more added, “Truely having a sleepover with Savannah. So cute!”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Praise Savannah and Truely Brown for Bonding

When Christine dropped the news that she was leaving Kody, Truely was a little upset about it mainly because she was the last to find out. Christine wanted to save her from all of the emotions that come with her parents getting divorced. This made Truely feel betrayed by her parents, but after she sat down and chatted with Christine about it, it helped her understand where her mother was coming from after all.

Now that Truely and Christine are back in Utah, it does look as if they are much happier and they are doing their best to keep their best friends, Janelle and Savannah in their lives no matter what happened with Kody.

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