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Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Reveals How And Why She Got Clean

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Reveals How And Why She Got Clean

Teen Mom fans won’t find it new news that Janelle Evans used drugs. After all, the MTV show revealed that she used. Certainly, as a young mom, she seemed to have an addictive personality. However, she stopped. How did she do that without a lot of fanfare? And what motivated her? This week, she opened up a little bit about it in a Q@A on Instagram.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Did Go To Rehab

Fans who watched the show know that in about 2013, the former MTV star went into rehab. Actually, her stint only lasted four days before she bailed out of it. At the time, she claimed that the way she was treated was incorrect. Additionally, it seemed that she wanted to get clean because of her son, Jace. You might remember that her first-born child by baby daddy Andrew ended up in the custody of his grandmother, Barbara Evans. And, Jenelle’s drug use was partly to blame for that.

Teen Mom fans heard that at the time, she was just about done with the wrong sort of guy. Recall, she married Courtland Rogers, divorced him, and lost a baby. Later, Courtland Rogers admitted that they both used drugs. Back in 2017, in her book, “Read Between The Lines: From The Diary Of A Teenage Mom,” Jenelle also admitted to it. So, the rumors of drug addiction were confirmed. Naturally, fans want to know how she got off them. So, she explained a bit more in a Q&A.

Teen Mom Fans Ask About Jenelle Stopping Drugs

On December 7, Jenelle took to her Instagram to do a Q&A. As she still had medical issues, a lot of MTV fans asked her about that. Apparently, she has some respiratory problems that were previously undiagnosed. However, her doctor is taking retirement, so that might delay a final diagnosis. Next, someone asked her about giving up drugs

The follower asked, “Did you get clean on your own? Or did you go to treatment?” Additionally, they suggested that Jenelle uses her “platform to share” about it.

In reply, Jenelle confirmed that she only stopped when she gave them up on her “own.” She added, that she stopped at her“mom’s house.” 

Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Reveals How And Why She Got Clean
Jenelle Evans / Instagram Stories

Talking about how she gave up, she said that she has a “strong will.” Despite being so ill, she stuck with it.  Next, the Teen Mom talked about why some people avoid stopping drugs. She said that some folks just “don’t want to stop.” Meanwhile, others “want to stop but don’t want to get sick.” Clearly, in her case, she pushed through the sickness to finally end her addiction.

The Message Is That People Must Want To Stop

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans believes that wanting to stop is vital. Going through the motions without the will to end addiction probably won’t work. Actually, it would be nice if she could use her platform a bit more to talk about drug addiction, As she has a  large following, she could help a few other people.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with The MTV cast right now. Come back here often for more Teen Mom spoilers, news, and updates.

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