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Todd And Julie Chrisley Owe Over $17 Million For Criminal Restitution!

Todd And Julie Chrisley Owe Over $17 Million For Criminal Restitution!

Todd and Julie Chrisley recently received hefty prison sentences for their crimes. But while most of the attention has gone to how the Chrisley Knows Best stars will soon end up behind bars, the reality TV stars also owe millions.

Find out the details of what Todd and Julie must pay for criminal restitution. And learn about the timeline. Get all the details below.

Chrisley Knows Best Stars Must Pay For Crimes

Beyond their prison sentences, Julie and Todd Chrisley face a financial penalty for their crimes. And the Chrisley Knows Best stars may need to sell their mansions to pay off their debt. As a result, it looks as if life is going to get worse for the reality TV stars who thought they always knew best, according to the New York Post.

Todd and Julie initially thought that they could escape any time behind bars. But then they received their prison sentence. And the Chrisley Knows Best stars discovered they would spend a combined 19 years in prison. However, their troubles don’t end with that prison sentence.

As a result of the charges of tax evasion, bank fraud, and falsifying bank documents, the two may need to surrender their two mansions, say insiders. Judge Eleanor Ross of the United States District Court in Atlanta issued the order. And the Judge told Todd and Julie that they must pay $17.2 million in restitution.

Todd And Julie Chrisley May Need To ‘Give Up’ Mansions

Because of their conviction in the federal tax evasion case, Julie and Todd must pay the full amount. And the judgment documents show that the Chrisley Knows Best stars owe the $17,270,741.57 promptly. In all, eight banks will receive set sums. The amounts depend on how much money the bank lost, per the judgment papers via the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Todd And Julie Chrisley Owe Over $17 Million For Criminal Restitution!

And so the Chrisley Knows Best stars allegedly may feel forced to give up their pair of mansions valued at $9 million, an insider shared. “They’re going to have to give up a lot of things, including their homes, sadly. They won’t be able to afford it,” said the source. “But their main concern now is their children, especially their youngest boy.”

Todd and Julie face the news of their sentencing and their criminal restitution debt just after scary family news. The Chrisley Knows Best parents worry about 16-year-old Grayson Chrisley. Grayson got rushed to a hospital after crashing on the Tennessee interstate. In addition to their youngest son, the reality TV stars co-parent their son Chase, 26, and daughter Savannah, 25. She shared that she will take custody of her brother Grayson and niece Chloe after she learned of the prison sentence.

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that the Judge made the right decision to order Todd and Julie Chrisley to pay millions as well as spend years in prison? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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