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Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Agree Breanna Brown Is Sobyn Robyn 2.0

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Agree Breanna Brown Is Sobyn Robyn 2.0

After Sister Wives “Coronapocalypse” aired on Sunday, December 4, fans agree that Breanna Brown is Sobyn Robyn 2.0. Robyn Brown’s daughters are being seen much more this season. Since Robyn joined the family, her children have been in the background more than not. However, things have now changed. It has become obvious that one of Robyn’s daughters has certainly inherited her tendency to cry.

Does The Family Need Sobyn Robyn 2.0?

In Sunday’s episode, everyone in the family had gotten COVID except Aurora whose room happens to be in the basement. Kody says that once it was confirmed that Covid was in the house, Aurora went downstairs and used the downstairs exit to go in and out. Kody was overcome with depression during this time with even Janelle Brown saying he was out of sorts.

Aurora and Breanna became very concerned when their mother was taken to the hospital even though she was released and was fine. However, in the confessional with the sisters, Breanna was completely in tears over how upset her father was. Breanna cried over the family being separated because of Covid as well. Aurora was separated from the family for 10 days.

Sister Wives Spoilers: The Robynettes?

Unfortunately, Aurora also looks and acts a great deal like their mother. Aurora cries over not seeing the family for ten days even though she was right downstairs. It seems that the family hasn’t heard of things like Facetime or video chats. How can being separated by a mere door be so disturbing? Could the family not go outside merely to say hello?

Fans believe that the girls are not only carbon copies of Robyn when it comes to looks but they act just like her as well. These girls seem to be all about gloom and doom just like their mother. The girls also seem to have the same attitude about King Kody as Robyn does as well. One fan committed that it was a shame that the girls are Debbie Downers just like their mom.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Fans Agree Breanna Brown Is Sobyn Robyn 2.0

Sister Wives Spoilers: Which Girl Is More Like Robyn?

It is a toss-up between these two as to which one is more like Robyn. Aurora has suffered from panic attacks for some time. Kody has even been seen carrying Aurora to her upstairs bedroom. Now, Aurora is in school and sleeps downstairs. Breanna, who is very close to her family seems to have separation anxiety as well. Which of these girls is more like Robyn?

Breanna seems to act overly emotional much as Robyn does. However, Aurora’s panic attack history makes her an emotional person at times too. It seems that it could go either way when it comes to who is more like Robyn. either way, both can be their own drama queen. Does the family really need one Robyn 2.0 let alone two? Is Robyn not Sobyn enough for them all?

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10pm Eastern Time. Sister Wives can also be seen on TLC on demand as well as Discovery +.

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