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Love During Lockup Spoilers: Tai’s Daughter Shares Her Opinion on Dating Inmates

Love During Lockup Spoilers: Tai's Daughter Shares Her Opinion on Dating Inmates

Love During Lockup spoilers reveal that things are not easy on the children of those who are dating inmates. This has become clear in the latest episode of the show. TIa’s daughter has started to notice that her mother is dedicating all of her free time communicating with her boyfriend, Hottie. Tai’s daughter isn’t really happy with the men that her mother chooses and she isn’t afraid to tell her mother exactly what is on her mind.

The Drama Between Mother and Daughter

Tai has been looking to find the love of her life for years and her daughter has tried her best to give her advice, but it never seems to work. Tai thinks that Hottie could be Mr. Right. She is drawn to men who are in prison because she thinks that they will love her “indefinitely.”

Tai continues to love him even though he has been open with her about cheating on her with other women. Tai wants nothing more than to find the right man and even if things don’t work with her and Hottie, she thinks that a man in prison is all she really needed. Her daughter, Delaney doesn’t approve of her mother dating these men.

Delaney is not used to holding back when it comes to her mother’s love life. She is very open about her mother’s heart and wants her to find someone that will love her and possibly not a man in prison. She is only 13 years old, but her knowledge is showing! She wants to encourage her mother to date outside of the prison system and she thinks that she will find a nice man that way.

Love During Lockup Spoilers: Tai's Daughter Shares Her Opinion on Dating Inmates

Delaney Shares Her Opinion

When Tai sat down to talk to her daughter, Delaney came in hot. She said, “What are you doing with your life right now, besides being on the phone with prisoners? It’s like everything’s a fantasy and you’re just delusional.” Delaney has a huge problem with the fact that her mother dates inmates, but Tai feels as if she is just being a disrespectful teenager. Delaney thinks her mother is “living in a fantasy” when it comes to dating a convict that will treat her like gold. She wishes that Tai would spend more time with her instead of cruising the internet looking for a man to love her.

Tai has been on another season of the show and that is when we found out that she had “hundreds” of possible matches in the prison system. She has been on again and off again with Hottie, but he is clearly not the one for her. Will she follow her daughter’s advice and try to find another man that will be good to her? We hope so.

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