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Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown’s Daughter Seen as Insensitive

Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown's Daughter Seen as Insensitive

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that as fans have started to rewatch the previous seasons, they have started to notice a lot of interesting scenes from the show. From the 15th season, many fans have pointed out that Robyn Brown’s daughter, Breanna Brown has been called insensitive. This happened when she first met Evie, who is Maddie Brown Brush’s daughter. Fans were shocked to see this clip because of how she looked at Evie and what was said.

Evie’s Medical Condition

Maddie’s daughter, Evie was born with FATCO syndrome (Fibular aplastia-tibial campomelia-oligosyndactyly syndrome). That means that she was born with bones missing in her hands and her toes. Janelle Brown tells the cameras, “Evie K was born with a genetic grouping of symptoms that, basically, is called FATCO, and it just means that there are limb differences. She’s got limb differences on her right hand and her left leg.”

When Maddie was pregnant, she found out about her condition and when she had an ultrasound at 26 weeks, the doctors couldn’t see 10 fingers. When she was born, she was missing three fingers, her fibula, and a toe. Not only that, she had webbing in her fingers, a bowed tibia, and shortened forearm. There were many complications in the pregnancy and with her birth. Even as a baby, she was rushed to the hospital a few times. There were a lot of scares in her young life, but she is healthy today and has gone through a lot of surgeries.

Meeting Evie

When Maddie traveled to visit her family in Flagstaff, she took Evie with her so that they could meet her. The family was so happy to see them, but when Breanna saw Evie, she changed the look on her face almost instantly. It happened when Breanna saw Evie opening and closing her hands and that is when she asked Maddie about them. That is when Maddie makes a big announcement about why Evie’s hands are that way. This was a very shocking reaction and fans noticed just how insensitive Breanna was.
Sister Wives Spoilers: Robyn Brown's Daughter Seen as Insensitive

The topic came up on Reddit and one fan wrote, When Maddie brings Evie to introduce her to the family, you can see Breanna looking visibly uncomfortable and staring at her. It’s so unacceptable.” Another wrote, “It seemed obvious that Breanna did not know. THAT was a shocking thing to me. Kody and Robyn clearly knew about it and knew Caleb and Madie were coming, so why would they not tell their kids before they met Evie? I found that weird.”

The whole scene was pretty uncomfortable and we can see why fans were upset by Breanna’s reaction.

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