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OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Busby Admits To Crying Tears Of Joy

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Busby Admits To Crying Tears Of Joy

OutDaughtered fans don’t see as much of Danielle Busby on social media as they used to. Nowadays, if she posts anything, it’s usually to market her Graeson Bee clothing outlet. However, she shared a post about the kids this week, and got very emotional. In fact, she admitted that she cried.

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Busby Is Too Busy To Film?

TLC fans have watched the quints grow up into beautiful young girls. Now seven years old they are at the age where their different personalities really start to shine. However, they stopped filming. In fact, it took a long time for Danielle and Adam Busby to say why there wasn’t a new season. While they talked about the girls needing a life without the camera crew being around all the time, some folks suspected that Danielle was the real reason for the hiatus.

OutDaughtered fans heard that Danielle started a brick-and-mortar store for Graeson Bee and she’s super busy. In fact, Adam seems to do most of the things that she previously did with Blayke and her little sisters. When Adam and Danielle talked about taking a hiatus from filming, they mentioned that she was expanding her interests. Once the shop is fully operational, perhaps Danielle will find enough time to return to the TV show.

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Busby Gets Emotional

This week, Danielle took to her Instagram and shared family photos. At one stage, Danielle was very ill and she feared that she might need heart surgery. Well, it turned out that she struggles with auto-immune issues. But, fans couldn’t help but notice how good she looks in the post. In her caption, she became emotional, saying, “OH MY HEART!!!! 🥲🥰 I just got a sneak peak from our family photo session and I’m in tears of joy!”

OutDaughtered Mom Danielle Admits To Crying Tears Of Joy
Danielle Busby / Instagram

The OutDaughtered mom credited Kelsey Swor for the photo, and also said, “I love that I got us all dressed up and that everyone cooperated ❤️” Then she mentioned that the last time they had a formal photo of the family, was ages ago. Actually, they all looked relaxed and refreshed. So, perhaps the hiatus was for the best.

TLC Fans Comment

OutDaughtered fans gushed over the photos that made Danielle Busby cry with joy. One of them wrote, “What the heck?! How is Danielle aging backwards… especially after 6 kids?! BEAUTIFUL family!!!!”

Another fan gushed, “Beautiful pictures come easy for yall because you are all gorgeous/handsome people! Breath taking.”

Of course, lots of people asked when they can expect a new season of the show. Back in September, Adam possibly hinted that they might film again. But for now, no official announcement had been made.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for OutDaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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