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Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Courtney Saves Curious Keepsakes

Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Courtney Saves Curious Keepsakes

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans miss Courtney and Eric Waldrop and their nine children. However, at least the former TLC stars regularly stay in touch with their social media followers. Almost daily, updates arrive on Instagram, and this week, it was about Christmas. Recently, the family all felt unwell, but not too unwell to decorate the Christmas tree.

Sweet Home Sextuplets KIds Keep Courtney Waldrop Busy

Courtney Waldrop and her husband Eric only get away from their nine children on occasion. While they need the break, they miss them very much. So, it’s always nice to get home again. From Saylor the oldest to the twins and the little kids, there’s a whole bunch of fun and shenanigans on the go. Actually, Eric often looked worn out on the TLC show. Recall, he farms some livestock and runs a landscaping business.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans no longer see the family on the TLC show, but they still see all the milestones. Sometimes, they see that Courtney could just about wrings her hands off with frustration. And, sometimes, she sees her full of joy. Always making memories, she wouldn’t trade her kids for anything.

Sweet Home Sextuplets – Decorating The Christmas Tree

On November 29, Courtney took to her Instagram and shared a clip of all the sextuplets busily decorating the tree. In her caption, she wrote, “Putting up the Christmas tree is one of those really fun and most exhausting things ever in our house🙈.” Actually, when fans watched the show, all the kids made some of her viewers feel exhausted.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Mom Courtney Saves Curious Keepsakes
God’s Divine Nine / Instagram

The Sweet Home Sextuplets mom added, “There’s no easy way with 9 kids…6 FOUR year olds!! You just go for it!!🤣 and when it’s over and your head quits spinning you say…wow that was fun!!.” Can you relate? So often, memories are made after long and simply exhausting fun. However, those memories seem to last a lifetime.

Curious Keepsakes?

After asking her fans how many fragile decorations they thought got broken, she talked about keepsakes. She said, “I’ll always keep [my] bag of broken ornaments for my memories🥰🥹🎄.”

Do you think it’s a curious sort of keepsake to stash away for the golden years?

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans took to the comments. One of them said, “Adorable chaos,” and guessed, “6 broken ornaments?”

Meanwhile, another fan noted, “it’s so nice to see all of you happy putting up your Christmas trees.” They added, “with SIX four year olds you can’t help but have fun🎄😍❤️,”

Courtney never said how many broken ornaments went into the treasure chest this year, but we’re willing to bet that one day, she will take them out and remember every one of them.

Be sure to check with us for everything happening with the former TLC cast right now. Come back often for more Sweet Home Sextuplets updates and news.

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