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Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Muses About Evie-K’s Hair

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Muses About Evie-K's Hair

Sister Wives fans always talk about Kody Brown’s hair. However this week, Maddie Brown Brush wondered about Evie-K’s hair and where she inherited it from. Like her genetic condition, FATCO, it seems a bit of a mystery why the little girl seems a bit different.

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Is Seen As A Great Mom

TLC fans didn’t always shout out their praises for Janelle’s daughter. After all, she married young and walked away from a college education. However, these days, she seems happily married to Caleb, and she studies from home. Additionally, she has become something of a role model when it comes to raising kids. Bear in mind, Evie was born with missing bones and digits and underwent a Boyd amputation at the tender age of one.

Sister Wives fans love to see Maddie with the children, and her eldest child, Axel seems to be a little fire-cracker of a kid. Of course, their grandma, Janelle Brown can’t wait for the third child to arrive early next year. Mykelti now has three kids, Avalon, and the twin boys. So next year, Kody Brown will have a total of six grandchildren. Did he pass on his hair genes to Evie-K? Or for that matter, to Avalon?

Sister Wives – Evie-K’s Hair And Genetics

In non-polygamous families, it’s usually quite easy to say that a child got a certain trait from one parent or another. However, with polygamy,  the extended families have multiple intertwining, sometimes spanning multiple generations. So it s not so easy. Taking to her Instagram Stories on November 29, Maddie talked about Evie-K. Running her hands through her daughter’s hair, she said, “her hair is insane! Pretty sure it comes from Caleb’s side because non of my sibling or I had hair like this. “

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Muses About Evie-K Hair
Maddie Brown Brush / Instagram Stories

The Sister Wives star mused that if there was a connection, then it might be “Mykelti.” Then she decided it was her half-sister. Of course, Mykelti is Christine’s daughter, not Janelle’s. So you might think that Evie-K might have inherited her unruly hair from Kody Brown, However, Radar Oline reported that “Christine’s great-great-grandfather, Bryon Allred, was brother to Nelson Allread, Kody’s great-great-grandfather.” So, it is possible that Maddie’s daughter inherited something from Mykelti.

Kody Brown Critics Slam His Hair

Sister Wives have a lot of fun dissing Kody for his “insane” hair. Actually, he had quite strong genes so possibly, Evie-K inherited his type of hair, rather than from Mykelti. Bear in mind, that Mykelti could have easily gotten her thick hair from her dad as well. What do you think? Do you enjoy wondering where the various kids got their traits and looks from? Let us know in the comments below.

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