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Amy King Claims Family Told Lies About Her

Amy King Claims Family Told Lies About Her

Duggar Family News reveals that Amy King is making claims that her famous family had told many lies about her and that s why many fans see her as a ‘bad influence’ and ‘black sheep’ of the family. In her newest video on TikTok, she spoke out about how the famous family has treated her poorly in the past and they have always treated her very differently. Amy is not one to hold her tongue and fans were not shocked to see this revealing video.

Amy’s New Video

When Amy shared her TikTok video, it began with her on camera and captioned, “I remember when I was on THAT SHOW and at one point I honestly thought I was a bad seed, a bad influence, and the black sheep!” In the background, we can hear the song “Crazy” by Ceelo Green. She then added, “What lies were you told?” She added in hashtags “Duggar family”, “real life”, and “lies you were told.”

Amy had a lot of fans comment on the video and many of them were happy that she was opening up about this now. One of her fans wrote to her that watching cousin Amy was one of their favorite things out of the show back then. One more added, “We all know that you had your eyes wide open to what was going on around you. You were always my favorite! I remember thinking… ‘They gonna make this girl the wayward cousin, huh? She’s the only normal one!”

Is She Really the Black Sheep?

Amy may have always been seen as the black sheep, but is she really? Many fans think that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made her out to be that way because she didn’t exactly like the religious nonsense they were spilling at all times. She was always forced to hide her true self and her lifestyle from the Duggars and she mentioned that she was not raised in the same way that her uncle, Jim Bob raised his children.

Amy King Claims Family Told Lies About Her

She told fans, “I didn’t grow up in a strict house. Mine was more like, I had rock music, I wore swimsuits, kissed boys, and kind of lived life. But t had to be taken aback whenever I went to my cousins’ house. I would try not to wear something that showed my shoulders, I wouldn’t show my knees. I respected their rules, but I didn’t understand them at all.”

It is always great to see Amy’s point of view when it comes to her famous family and we hope she continues to share these telling videos.

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