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Love During Lockup: Chelsea Gets A Wake-Up Call About Mike

Love During Lockup: Chelsea Gets A Wake-Up Call About Mike

Love During Lockup star Chelsea and her man, Mike debuted on WEtv and it looks like a hot mess. Notably, Chelsea is deaf but she has a support base in her family and friends. And, it’s her friend that red-flagged Mike.  On the surface of it, Mike tries really hard to communicate with her. But, something is not quite right. New spoilers revealed that Chelsea soon gets a wake-up call.

Love During Lockup – Chelsea Seems Blind To Red Flags

Initially, WEtv fans heard that Chelsea has been sending money to Mike, but she hasn’t disclosed just how much.  They are trying to look out for her best interest. But, she doesn’t want to believe anything anyone says. However, it seems like things are about to change. Actually, Mike has been hiding things from his future partner, and Chelsea probably wasn’t expecting to hear about it. Actually, a lot of fans think that she seems naive.

The show follows the same storyline as the first season. Love During Lockup focuses on prisoners who are still serving their sentences, but they fell in love with those living their lives outside. Interestingly, the show reveals just how hard the prisoners chip away at trying to get to be with their partners. And of course, they are not always candid about their past. Now, Chelsea starts hearing a few things that make her a bit unsure about Mike.

Love During Lockup: The Visit With The Attorney Is A Shocker

Spoilers revealed that Chelsea steadily clung to the theory that her family and friends were being overly cautious. Convinced that Mike is a good guy, she shook off all advice. However, when her mom, Pamela went with her to see an attorney, she realized that she didn’t know everything, after all.  Only after the attorney explained the long list of offenses, did she start to wake up. Finally, it dawned on her that there’s a good reason why Mike doesn’t encourage too many questions.

Love During Lockup Chelsea Gets A Wake-Up Call About Mike
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No doubt, Love During Lockup star Chelsea will have a hard time going forward, justifying why she wants to be with him. From evidence tampering to identity theft, it sounds like a can of worms. At this stage, it seems just as well that the attorney broke down the crimes for her. After all, she still has time to rethink her partnership before he gets released from prison.

WEtv Star Chelsea Has Not Met Mike

Fans who watch the show can’t believe that already, Chelsea is planning on a home and kids with MIke. After all, she hasn’t met him in person. Furthermore, his parole might not come through.  Naturally, fans are skeptical about her future. Just like her friends and her family, viewers think that something seems off. Is it finally sinking in that Mike might not be the person that she thought he was? What do you think?

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