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Little People, Big World Spoilers: Tori and Zach Roloff Play the Victims, Fans Hate It

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Tori and Zach Roloff Play the Victims, Fans Hate It

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans are tired of how Zach and Tori Roloffplay the victims on the show. With the family feud going on with Matt Roloff and the selling of the farm, fans have started to notice that their attitudes are just rude and they are constantly playing the victims. On the latest episode of the show, they met up with Matt and Caryn Chandler at a conference and fans weren’t exactly happy to see how they acted.

The Confrontation Escalates

When Zach and Tori saw Matt and Caryn, fans weren’t exactly happy with the way they handled it. They were all attending a Little People Association conference with them, as well as with Amy Roloff. Matt had mentioned earlier that he actually went to one of Jackson’s soccer games, but Tori and Zach didn’t speak to him while he was there. Instead of going to talk to them, Tori and Zach decided to hang out with Molly Roloff and her husband.

In the episode, fans shared many of their thoughts about the conference. One wrote, “LPBW is getting unbearable to watch. When did Zach and Tori become such miserable human beings? Victims victims victims. Grow up already!” Another added, “Zach may not be buying Tori’s attempts at patching things up at all!” One more added, “Seems like Zach’s getting a little fed up with Tori’sunique version of reconciliation.”

Is The Fight Still Happening?

As much as we would all love to see the Roloffs just patch everything up, it looks as if the feud is still happening. Just recently, Tori celebrated her birthday as well as their daughter, Lilah and it looks as if Matt and Caryn made no mention of this on social media and they didn’t show up to help them celebrate either. At the time of the birthday celebrations, Caryn actually flew “across the country” to escape the cold with Matt.

They shared pictures of themselves on the plane. Matt shared a picture of them together and captioned it, “Headed out of dodge at the crack of dawn yesterday across the country to go celebrate Thanksgiving with 6,000 other people.”

Little People, Big World Spoilers: Tori and Zach Roloff Play the Victims, Fans Hate It

Even though Matt did not attend any of the birthday parties, it does look as if Amy Roloff was there to show her love and support for her family and granddaughter. Amy is in a lot of the pictures and videos from the birthday party and fans were so happy to see her there.

It does look as if fans of the show are getting pretty tired of the way Zach and Tori are acting and we do hope it gets better with time.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Little People, Big World right now. Come back here often for Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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