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Love During Lockup Spoilers: Dustin Gets Surprise from Jessica as She Shows Love

Love During Lockup Spoilers: Dustin Gets Surprise from Jessica as She Shows Love

Love During Lockup spoilers reveal that Jessica is ready to show Dustin just how much she loves him and with a very grand gesture. To show her love for him, Jessica decided to get a tattoo of his last name on her! In the latest episode of the show, Jessica ended up showing Dustin’s family her new tattoo and even though she thought this was going to be a great thing, it didn’t end up going so well for her.

The Newest Episode

Jessica was really happy with her tattoo and the meaning behind it. As we get to know Jessica better, she hasn’t quite figured out why she fell in love with Dustin, but she always talks about his tattoos and that could be part of his appeal to her. She thought that if she ended up getting a large tattoo for him that would be a great way to truly show how much she loves him. His family didn’t agree with her on that one though.

Jessica met up with Dustin’s family at a wine and paint night and that was when she showed off her tattoo and their reactions were not at all what she thought. The tattoo actually takes up almost her entire lower torso and Dustin’s sister admitted that it was huge! The tattoo is his last name and that is when she told his family that she was planning on marrying him one day and that was why it was important to her to get his last name on her body.

His Family Reacts

Dustin’s family knows just how much Jessica loves him or says she does, and this tattoo wasn’t exactly what they thought it was going to be. She really did feel that if she got this tattoo, they would look at her in another way. In fact, she thought she could gain some favor with this new ink.

Love During Lockup Spoilers: Dustin Gets Surprise from Jessica as She Shows Love

As they are talking about it, their attitudes about Dustin come out, and his sister pointed out that she didn’t think he was all that great since he’s in prison and has some issues with substance abuse. This was not at all the warm reception Jessica thought the tattoo would get.

His sister also mentioned that Dustin has never been loyal to any woman in his life and they are concerned about his for her. Keep in mind, Jessica is 44 years old and Dustin is only 27. We aren’t too sure where this is going to go, but from where we’re standing, it doesn’t look so good.

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