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Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Overcomes Takeout Temptation

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Overcomes Takeout Temptation

Sister Wives fans are very familiar with the fact that Janelle Brown always carried a bit more weight than she felt comfortable with. Anyway, she decided to do something about it and she looks terrific. Actually, TLC fans can’t help but notice that she slimmed down and looks extremely healthy. This weekend, she demonstrated how she overcame the temptation to order takeout for dinner.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brwon Opted For A Healthy Lifestyle

Maddie Brown Brush brought her mom into marking Plexus products. Possibly, Janelle then brought in Christine. These days, they keep themselves quite busy with their business. Christine looks slimmer and younger and Janelle is certainly reaching some weight objectives. Although she loves her food from the farmer’s market, she had to engage in a healthy lifestyle to look good.

Sister Wives fans hope that changing her lifestyle also involved booting Kody out of her life. Obviously, rumors run around that she already did that. And, it was helped along by Christine’s daughter Gwen who claimed she moved out. These days she’s quite often seen out and about with Christine. Busy and rushed, this weekend, she revealed how she overcame the temptation for takeout.

Sister Wives – Overcoming Takeout Temptation

Possibly, many TLC fans can relate to Janelle. You probably know how it feels when you’re on the go, rushing around, tired, and don’t feel like cooking a balanced meal. Well, Janelle didn’t call for a pizza. Instead, she made a tasty-looking meal that took her just a few minutes. In her post that revealed some shrimp, she explained what she did.

Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Overcomes Takeout Temptation
Janelle Brown / Instagram

Sister Wives fans saw that Janelle decided to cook up some shrimp. She said, “crazy freaking day. Got home late with a pressing project still to do. Was going to dial for take out. But I had some shrimp already defrosted for a more gourmet dish I was going to cook today.” So, she took just five minutes to whip up some grits. Making it look a bit healthier, she happened to have some greens on hand as well.

Saving Money & Healthy Eating

Sister Wives fans could learn about budgeting. Janelle explained, “Counting a win as I didn’t spend the $$ on take out, used what I had on hand, and probably ended up better off than if I had consumed the pizza…or whatever else was going to happen.”

TLC fans thought that the simple meal looked healthy and nutritious, Additionally, they approved of saving money that would have been spent on takeout.

One of them commented, “Great job! I think its a win for sure! 👏👏👏.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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