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Love During Lockup: Did Emily Catfish Dauri?

Love During Lockup: Did Emily Catfish Dauri?

Fans of the hit reality show Love During Lockup are questioning whether or not Dauri is being catfished by Emily. As fans know, Dauri is currently locked up in prison and is engaged to his fiancee Emily.

Emily & Dauri’s Mistrust and Drama

The New Jersey pair became a couple after Emily starting wiring to Dauri in lock-up. Yes, they had never met prior to his incarceration. They were both introduced in season two of the series. Now, after watching the couple showcase their relationship on the small screen that is full of mistrust and drama, fans are really wondering if Dauri is in fact being catfished.

Dauri Gets Caught Cheating From Behind Bars

Dauri is also not innocent by any means as he has already admitted to writing another woman while behind bars. After getting caught by Emily, Dauri told his fiancé that he only wrote with the other woman in an effort to get money from her. Ultimately, Emily forgave Dauri, who is behind bars for first-degree armed robbery, after he makes her his power of attorney.

Now Emily has control of Dauri’s many while Dauri believes that Emily, a law student, will help him get out of jail at some point. Because Emily is holding Dauri’s money, it is she who must meet his friend Storm to give him money for a business venture the pair are entering into together.

Love During Lockup: Did Emily Catfish Dauri?

Emily Plans To Ultimately One Up Dauri

Emily is making a big deal out of meting Storm, however. This is leading Love During Lockup viewers to believe that maybe Emily is hiding a whole lot more, like maybe her actual identity. Could she in fact be catfishing Duari this entire time he has behind bars?

As witnessed since their introduction to the WEtv show, the couple’s relationship has been a series of lies and deception so a majority of viewers are sure Emily will be outed soon enough. Or Dauri may also foil their relationship, ending it all with his cheating.

Will Love During Lockup viewers discover their theory of cat fishing is the case when it comes to Emily and Dauri’s relationship?

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