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The Family Chantel Spoilers: Pedro Jimeno Embraces Real Estate Career

The Family Chantel Spoilers: Pedro Jimeno Embraces Real Estate CareerThe Family Chantel spoilers reveal that now that Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett have filed for divorce, he is working hard at building his real estate career. Pedro and Chantel had been battling it out for months and finally, when Pedro wouldn’t work on their marriage any longer, they called it quits. Chantel claimed that he was cheating on her with a co-worker, but he continued to deny that. The allegations have never been proven although the two of them look very close in some of their Instagram photos.

Realtor 007

Being single has given Pedro a new lease on life and it seems that his job is really what he is thriving in right now. He has started selling property in Atlanta, where the couple was living and now it looks as if his new alter ego is Realtor 007. Ever since he broke it off with Chantel, he has been pretty quiet on his personal Instagram account. Instead, he has been working on rebranding himself and has started his own real estate account, where he shares the success story of his clients.

After being away from social media for 15 weeks, he is back and sharing his real estate career with his followers. Many of them felt as if he did this as a way to start over in life and with those who just know him as Chantel’s husband. He is now presenting himself as a professional who is doing the best he can with his career.

His New Accomplishments

In one of the latest posts on Instagram, Pedro was quick to share that he was attending a gala dinner in Gwinett County, Georgia. He was dressed in a black tuxedo and smiling for the camera. He captioned the post, “Gala night for our clients who bought a house this year 2022, Realtor 007.” It looks as if Pedro has lost a lot of weight and has been working out. He has let his hair grow out and he has a nice, new-shaven look. Of course, his fans complimented him for looking great.

The Family Chantel Spoilers: Pedro Jimeno Embraces Real Estate Career

Pedro has turned off all of the comments on his posts, but there still seems to be an outpouring of love and support for him from his fans. He told one of his fans, “Nobody is going to take away my happiness and my desire to work and be successful.” Many of his followers thought that was him throwing shade at Chantel.

We are happy that Pedro is making real estate work for him and it does seem as if he is much happier these days.

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