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Anna Duggar Considers Moving To Texas

Anna Duggar Considers Moving To Texas

Former TLC star Josh Duggar apparently does not want his family to relocate to Texas, where he is presently doing time.

A reliable source claims to have discovered the reason for Josh’s hesitations about the move. Read on for more information.

Josh is doing time for crimes related to child pornography, in case you didn’t know. His wife and her family are in Arkansas, while he is incarcerated in FCI Seagoville in Texas.

They are parents of seven little children. Mackynzie is the eldest at 13 years old, while Madyson is the youngest at 1 year old.

Fans of the Duggars have been wondering what the future holds for the couple. Many people have told Anna that she should leave him, but that doesn’t seem likely.

It seems that, despite her husband’s horrific acts, she is now much more devoted to him.

Anna Considers Moving To Texas

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup earlier reported that Anna was thinking about going to Texas to be with Josh.

According to the source, the husband believes he might win the appeal and doesn’t want his wife and children to go through the stress of relocating there.

Anna Duggar Considers Moving To Texas

The Duggars apparently argued about this matter, and Josh didn’t talk to his wife for two days.

According to the source, Anna visits her man every other weekend. It takes about six hours to make the trip both ways.

Is This Why Josh Duggar Really Doesn’t Want Anna To Move To Texas?

Since then, another source has come forward and shared more information with InTouch. Josh Duggar is worried that his wife may leave him if she’s distant from the family.

The source claims that Josh is “scared of outside influences.”

If this is the case, then maybe this is why Josh doesn’t want his wife to move to Texas.

So, is there anything here that caught you by surprise? How likely is it that Anna will relocate to be with Josh Duggar?

Share your thoughts in the space provided below and keep checking back for more Duggar updates.

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