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1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Premiere Date And Spoilers

1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Premiere Date And Spoilers

1000-Lb Sisters fans really thought that season 4 might not happen. Actually, TLC fans started wondering if Tammy Slaton had passed away. Additionally, Amy Halterman hinted that she wasn’t that interested in filming for the show. Well, an official date for the premiere finally arrived. Spoilers also came along and it looks like it mostly focuses on Tammy.

1000-Lb Sisters Rumors The Show Was Not Renewed For Season 4

While Tammy insisted that there would be a fourth season, alarming hints arrived that Amy wasn’t interested. After all, she felt terribly guilty being away from her son, Gage. One of her major issues was that she couldn’t take Gage with her when she worked with the crew. So, her son spent a lot of time with her mom. Bear in mind, she also fell pregnant and now she’s occupied with two little kids.

1000-Lb Sisters viewers also worried that perhaps something was very wrong with Tammy Slaton. Bear in mind, at the end of season 3, TLC fans saw that she ended up in an induced coma. Later, word arrived that she ended up in rehab. But, fans feared that once again she cut it short by falling in love. Of course, folks have seen her lose interest in her weight loss journey before, because of boyfriends.

1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Spoilers – Premiere Date Confirmed

This week, Variety broke the news about the showed being confirmed by TLC. While it seems like a very long wait for the premiere, it’s already coming up to Christmas. The new season will premiere on TLC early in 2023. So, remember to mark the date: “Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 9 p.m.” Interestingly, fans thought that the show might be dropped in favor of “1,000-Lb. Best Friends.” However, both shows will premiere in the same month.

1000-Lb Sisters Season 4 Premiere Date And Spoilers
TLC / YouTube

1000-Lb Sisters fans recently heard that Tammy Slaton became engaged to someone who she met in rehab. Actually,  the show might include the proposal that took place outside the rehab facility. TLC’s synopsis said, “Tammy makes “a life-altering decision” after surviving a near-death experience.” If you were worried that Amy Halterman wouldn’t be in season 4, you can relax. In fact, fans will see her and when that happens, they will follow the story of her second pregnancy.

Who Else Is In The TLC Show?

1000-Lb Sisters fans will also see the return of Tammy’s brother, Chris. Recall, he tried to help Tammy lose weight, but she fell off the rails. Meanwhile, he is doing well. In the new season, he has to think about excess skin removal surgery.

Are you happy that the show will return with season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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