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1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Ready For Two More Seasons, However One Star Is Stepping Back

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Ready For Two More Seasons, However One Star Is Stepping Back

The U.S. Sun is reporting that 1000 Lb. Sisters have already begun taping Season Five of the popular TLC show. Ironically, TLC hasn’t even announced the premiere date of Season Four yet. However, fans are eager to see what has transpired in the lives of these humorous Kentucky sisters and their families. Fans recall that Tammy ended up on life support at the end of Season 3 and a lot has transpired since then.

Amy Halterman Is Taking A Step Back In Season 5

1000 Lbs. Sisters’ spoilers reveal that after Amy’s son Gage Halterman was born, Amy expressed that she might want to take a step back from the show to concentrate on motherhood. Now that Amy has two children it seems this has become the case. Although the content of Season 4 has not really been discussed, it seems that Season 5 will concentrate on Tammy Slaton and her recovery from weight loss surgery.

One of Tammy’s friends reportedly offered this update stating that things have been a bit harder for Amy two do with two kids. Amy is more concerned with being a good mother to her two boys. Of course, those who have watched from the start know that Amy’s whole reason for having the weight loss surgery was so she could have kids. Now that Amy has been blessed with two, her decision is understandable.

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Has Big Plans

The cameras have continued to work behind the scenes documenting the recent changes in Tammy Slaton’s life. After all, Tammy has been through quite a few changes since we last saw her. Tammy has certainly been thinking about her future as time goes by. Tammy wants to write a book to tell about her journey and share her message of body positivity.

Tammy also wants to address her journey throughout this ordeal and what finally led to her getting the weight loss surgery she had been seeking. Of course, Amy had threatened to walk away before because she felt like she was a bad mom. Some seem to think that Tammy could carry on the show without Amy if she really wants to walk away. Amy and Tammy’s other siblings could certainly be considered to star in the show as well.

1000 Lb. Sisters Spoilers: Ready For Two More Seasons, However One Star Is Stepping Back

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Spoilers: A Lot Of Things Have Changed For Tammy Slaton

Tammy reportedly had her weight loss surgery at the end of summer in Lexington, Kentucky. Since her surgery, Tammy has been recovering in the rehab facility that she entered last year. Tammy had the chance to leave the facility shortly after her surgery but she chose to stay where she could continue to work on her weight loss. Sources say that Tammy hopes to be back in Kentucky by December.

Tammy is also now engaged to someone she met in Ohio. Tammy’s boyfriend Caleb recently proposed and her friends are very supportive of this relationship. Insiders say that Tammy and Cabel have been a big support for each other and that is a good thing. The couple plan to have a small ceremony in Ohio before the end of this month. Tammy’s representatives have yet to offer any comments.

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