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Sister Wives Spoilers: Ysabel Brown Helped Christine Brown Through the Divorce

Sister Wives Spoilers: Ysabel Brown Helped Christine Brown Through the Divorce

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Ysabel Brown was a huge help to her mother, Christine Brown during the divorce. Ysabel knew that her mother was “going through a hard time” and she knew that it would be up to her to step it up and help her mother get through it all. Christine and Kody Brown were together for over 25 years and Christine had a very rough time when it came to finally deciding to leave him.

Christine “Depended” On Ysabel

Ysabel is a pretty quiet and reserved child and she had been watching her parents go through a really tough time in their marriage. When it came down to it, Christine did depend on her daughter for help. Although Ysabel is also struggling with her parent’s divorce, she has kept a level head about her. She told the cameras, “However, I think that she depended on me, not that it’s a bad thing. So, I think it got quite heavy in the house and it got very emotional.”

She also mentioned that when her mother was going through a really hard time, she needed a shoulder to lean on and Ysabel was the one. She said that everyone in the house was very emotional and pretty sad. There were times though that Ysabel claimed that these hard times have brought them very close together and that they are doing everything they can to stay close and heal.

Ysabel Goes Off to College

In the last episode of the show, Christine got very emotional as she dropped Ysabel off at her new home in North Carolina. Ysabel is going to live with her half-sister, Maddie Brown Brush while she is studying there. Christine has promised to visit Ysabel whenever she can and it seemed really hard for them to say goodbye as they both start a new phase in their lives. Ysabel added, “It’s good for her to be able to live with herself instead of living with herself and needing me. And also, for me to not need her anymore.”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Ysabel Brown Helped Christine Brown Through the Divorce

Christine knew that the way that Kody treated Ysabel when she needed him the most was just one of the main reasons that she decided to leave him. When they had to fly to New Jersey in order to have her back surgery, Kody refused to go with them and told her that he was worried about COVID. Instead, he went to a huge wedding and blew off his daughter’s needs. This broke Ysabel’s heart and this was it for Christine.

We are happy that Christine was able to lean on her daughter during such a hard time and they are both moving on in a very positive way.

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