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Little People Big World Spoilers: Chris Shocks Amy – Shows His Sneaky Side

Little People Big World Spoilers: Chris Shocks Amy – Shows His Sneaky Side

Little People Big World spoilers and updates tease that in the season 34 premiere Amy Roloff and Chris Marek sit down and have a candid chat about Matt’s selling the farm.

Little People Big World Spoilers –Chris Is Sneaky

Chris and Amy are talking about the farm, and how Matt’s putting it up for sale has torn apart the family. Chris specifically remembers that it was 100% assumed that one or more of the kids would take over the family homestead and thinks it is sad the way things have transpired. Amy says she wonders if Matt has gotten any interest in the home since it was put up for sale, and Chris says oh they’ll know soon because he texted Matt.

What? Why would he text Matt about the house and not tell Amy about it first? Amy looked clearly surprised. The conversation continues and Chris says the real estate market isn’t that great right now and probably not a good time to sell.  And, that apparently is affecting Matt because there hasn’t been a lot of interest in the home, and certainly no bidding wars to speak of.

Little People Big World Updates – The Roloff Children

Amy admits that the children are not handling the sale of the property well. She believes they are sad, disappointed, and frustrated and that everything went down. Matt is delusional, he thinks everything is ok and he is thrilled to be letting go of the family homestead. Amy doesn’t think this family rift is going to be solved any time soon, she says that she thinks it could take about five years for the family to heal, and it won’t be “swept away underneath the rug.”

Amy let Matt know how she felt about his selling the house, she tells Chris that things got a little heated because she doesn’t stand back anymore, she stands up for herself with Matt because she knows she has a safe place to go home to.

In the end, Amy thinks that something could have been worked between Matt and the children, to keep the family home within the family. Although Amy wasn’t a part of the negotiations, so she really doesn’t know what went down.

Little People Big World Spoilers: Chris Shocks Amy – Shows His Sneaky Side

Chris thinks it is a shame that one of the kids didn’t get a chance to get the farm to continue the Roloff name.

The Roloff family home is causing a huge rift in the family, but Amy and Chris love each other and they will get through this, even when Chris Goes behind her back and speaks to Matt. They have a solid relationship and the children are very close to them. Matt, on the other hand, has bigger issues, not only are the children upset about the home but Zach and Tori don’t want Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler anywhere near their children.

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